Monday, January 1, 2018

2018 Goals

I had varying levels of success with my goals for 2017.
Here are a few things I'm going to focus on for 2018, hopefully with a 100% success rate.

At least 50,000 steps a week.
I use any and every day off as an excuse for a 'lazy day'. I'm terrible at spending my days off doing as little as physically possible and that means that sometimes I won't even hit 200 steps. I need to stop being SO lazy.

Drink more water
I've already started getting better at this but sometimes I get to the end of the day and all I've had is coffee. Not ideal.

Buy fewer physical books.
My library is pretty rubbish when it comes to young adult books (which is my fave genre) so I generally buy anything I want to read. My problem is that the amount I'm buying far outnumbers the amount I'm reading. I ran out of room a long time ago but didn't stop buying. In 2018 I want to buy more books for my
kindle so I can keep them forever without worrying about how much space they're taking up.

I'm going to give this another go...Only buy cruelty free makeup. I hardly bought any makeup this year but I did buy a foundation that wasn't cruelty free. That won't be happening in 2018.

Be consistent with skincare.
I tend to focus on my skincare when my skin gets really bad but then as soon as it starts clearing up I'll go back to being super lazy. I'm hoping we can cut down on the super bad days if I crack a routine and keep consistent with it.

Cook more.
My diet is pretty repetitive. I have a handful of meals that I go to regularly but I want to be more adventurous. I received Lucy Watson's cookbook for Christmas so I'm looking forward to trying out some of the recipes in that and I also want to try recipes I like the look of in 'What I Eat in A Day' videos I watch on Youtube.

Give yoga a go.
I saw a print on etsy that basically said 'Eat more plants. Do more yoga' and that's my theme for 2018. I'm the least flexible person in the world so any progress with this would be amazing. I also think yoga would be a great way to take a small amount of each day to just focus on the moment. I'm all about that journey to positivity.

Have you set any goals for 2018?
Nikki x

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