Monday, January 1, 2018

2017 Goals Update

Another year is over and that means it's time to look back on the goals I set myself in 2017 and see how well I managed to do.

1. Eat a 100% vegan diet. 
I think I'm there to be honest. The last few weeks I've been making a real conscious effort to look a lot more closely at ingredient lists. 

But more than that, don't eat as many vegan substitutes.  
This hasn't happened. I'm a sucker for fake meats, Linda McCartney pies are a total weakness. I have made sure that I'm eating more fruit and veg so I guess I've made progress in balancing out my diet. Not a complete fail.

2. Save save save! 
This has worked to a certain extent but I could definitely have saved more. I need to stop buying so many books!!

3. Run more. I started off the year pretty well but it's been a few months since I actually ran. This is totally a self image thing. I run in the very early hours because the thought of people seeing me fills me with massive anxiety but then we had a couple of people attacked near our house during my ideal running time and so that put a stop to that. It's also really bloody cold! I might look at joining a gym again in 2018 and I want to start going on more walks.

4. Post more on my blog. 
Erm....Well I definitely failed at this one. I was starting to feel like I didn't have anything to say in terms of being a 'beauty blog'. I don't buy new stuff a lot and so I found I was just repeating the same products all the time. I had a recent shift to more of a bookish blog. It just happened that I've been on a real reading kick this year and so I spend most of my time off with a book in my hand. I'm going to try and work on incorporating both book and beauty posts in 2018. 

5. Keep a log of things that made me smile. 
This didn't happen but I honestly think if you compare me from a year ago to the me of today there's a hell of a difference in my positivity levels. I'm trying so much harder to see the good in everyday instead of being a pessimist.

6. Be more active in twitter chats. 
Let's be honest, I'm not sure I participated in one chat this year. I fell off the blogging train for about six months and I'm rubbish with twitter in general. I've recently unfollowed some accounts and followed others so I'm hoping it will peak my interest again and I can get involved throughout 2018.

7. Shop in more charity shops.
I've definitely been doing this. This has been mainly with books so far but it's still something. I don't generally buy a lot of clothes so that isn't something I waste a lot of money on anyway.

8. Only buy cruelty free beauty. 
I haven't been successful with this. I didn't buy any beauty for the majority of 2017 as I've been using up what I already have but I did buy a foundation which isn't cruelty free. I'm making an effort to research companies and dupes for favourite products so hopefully over the coming weeks and months I'll be able to say that my makeup collection is completely cruelty free.

Do you set yearly goals? If so, how successful were you in yours from 2017?
Nikki x

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