Sunday, December 31, 2017

2017 Round Up | Best in Beauty

My makeup routine throughout 2017 has been pretty dull. I've generally stuck to the same dozen or so products and haven't really bought many new items. That being said I feel like this means that the products I have been using are products that I love.


December Reading Wrap Up

I'm really pleased with my reading this month. Generally I'm a mood reader and I can't just pick up any book and get through it. This month I was determined to finish some books I'd previously started and put down due to not being in the mood for them. Thankfully it worked and I can officially cross them off my ever mounting TBR list.

I think I've forgotten how to read! I'm getting very used to having everything read to me. Every one of the ten books I finished this month were books that I listened along to. I got the first three illustrated Harry Potter stories for Christmas though so I'll definitely be kicking off 2018 with physical books.


Saturday, December 2, 2017

November Reading Wrap Up

After a slow start to the month and teetering on a slump I managed to clawed it back. November wasn't my best reading month but it wasn't bad by any stretch. Books two and three were tiny but they still count.

This month I read 5 physical books and 1 ebook.
I also listened to 4 audiobooks.

My Goodreads ratings ranged from 'I still can't decide' right through to 5 stars.

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