Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Christmas Wishlist 2017

We're super close to the end of another year. But first, Christmas!!
This is what I've got on my wishlist.

I've really been trying to limit the amount of makeup I buy because, like with everything, I abandon everything I already own everytime I get something new. I'm trying to use something up before I replace it with something I've had my eye on. That being said this palette is so pretty that I might not be able to resist much longer! I have the Jouer essential matte and shimmer palette and it's probably my favourite palette so I'm super keep to get my hands on this one as well.

Stella is one of my favourite scents and naturally I seem to have run out of all of my perfumes at the same time. If my letter hasn't gotten to Santa in time then I'll be grabbing myself a bottle in January.

You literally can't go wrong with Kat Von D. My lips are the one part of my beauty collection that I've managed to get completely cruelty free throughout this year and I'm keen to make sure I'm keen to own every KVD liquid lipstick out there.

Harry Potter Illustrated Editions

I started a Harry Potter reread this year but then I put these on my Christmas list so I didn't get further than the first book. Hopefully I will end up with these in my stocking and I can reread with the beautiful illustrations as well.

My funko collection currently consists of three pops and I'm very keen to grow it. I really want Hagrid to stand guard over my book collection. Naturally I want the whole cast but Hagrid is a great start.
La La Land is potentially my favourite film having seen it way back in January. I'm so obsessed with the Mia and Seb figures. You can't really get a lot of merchandise for this film so I really need these.
My very first funko was Tina Belcher and it just isn't right not having the trio. The Belcher kids are a team! This year I'm asking for Louise and then next year I can ask for Gene.

Does anyone else feel like your Christmas list gets shorter as you get older??
What have you asked for?
Nikki x

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