Sunday, May 14, 2017

A Weekend in Liverpool

I don't get out much so this post is mainly to show off that I actually left my house to go somewhere other than work. 
We stayed, as we do everywhere we go, in a Travelodge. They are always in the most amazing locations and we got ours for an absolute bargain considering this was the view.
Look at that sunset!!

Our trip to Liverpool was originally supposed to be a trip to watch the gymnastics but by the time we collectively got our shit together the tickets were sold out, so instead we just had a lovely weekend away. 

My sister wasn't too happy that this was as close 
as she was going to get

My town is ridiculous for shopping. We have New Look, Topshop and not a whole lot else so it's always nice to head to a city and have a look around. As it turns out it's impossible to head to Liverpool One without doing a hefty amount of shopping. Day one included lots of that. Nothing too spendy though, that came the next day from the bad influence of my sister. I spent £13 in Urban Outfitters on a book which I'd best describe as a 'coffee table' book.... I don't have a coffee table. It's been added to my bookcase probably never to be read. Don't cave to peer pressure, kids.

The second day was more cultured with a trip to the docks, after the obligatory second Primark visit. There are always the things you regret not picking up the first time.

I think it helped that the weather was bloody wonderful that weekend but look how pretty it is! I imagine if I lived there (and drank) I'd spend most of my summer living on the docks as the amount of bars in that one small space is something else.

It wouldn't be a trip away without at least one museum visit. Weirdly there are a handful buried between all of the bars and shops. One building we went in housed facts about the Titanic, slavery and customs. I'm obsessed with Nothing to Declare so I loved that last one. 

Two days is definitely not enough time to really explore Liverpool, I'm already planning another which hopefully will be longer.
That being said I'm going to make it my mission to get out of my town more often, even if it is only for a weekend. All of the places I don't live make me super happy. Especially Liverpool. Where else do you see women shopping with their curlers in and not bat an eyelid?

Nikki x
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