Sunday, April 16, 2017

Jouer Palette

I know I've literally just posted my ultimate eye products professing that the original Naked palette is the be all and end all of palettes but there's a new palette in my collection which is making me rethink it all. 

This was a complete impulse buy. As soon as I opened the 'just arrived' email from Beauty Bay I was on the site buying this. I was after an orange shadow and I wasn't blown away by the 35O palette. That has since moved on to another home and I've been reaching for this one almost daily.

I wish I'd done the blogger thing and taken pictures before diving in but I was just too excited to get these shades on my face. The palette consists of 7 matte shades and 5 shimmer shades and i'm obsessed with them all.

Clearly thinking I'm BNTM....But seriously, loving having orange eyes!

Every one of the shades is amazingly pigmented. Each shade compliments the rest of the palette meaning you can create dozens of different looks. I'm not that talented myself but I'm working on it. As a complete amateur I love how blendable these are, especially as I get zero fallout.

The size of the mirror is another plus for me....They just keep on coming! You could (and I regularly do) use this as the mirror to do your face on the go. This is the first Jouer product I've tried but, given how obsessed I am, I now want to try everything they have to offer. 

What are your favourite Jouer products?
Nikki x

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