Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Top 3: Vegan Snack Edition

When I tell people you eat vegan, they generally have two questions. 
1) Why? 
2) So what exactly do you eat?
They then generally proceed to tell me that they could never do it because they'd miss chicken nuggets.  
In answer to the second question I always say that I've probably got the most unhealthy diet in the world, I definitely don't only eat lettuce and I feel like the only person on Earth who hates avocado. 

I'm trying to be more healthy, I really am, but my sweet tooth isn't going anywhere and sometimes healthy snacks just won't do. Also, I generally don't like a lot of 'healthy' foods.
Here are my three favourite vegan snacks for when an apple just ain't cutting it.

Ice Cream
I've always been boring when it comes to ice cream flavour choices. I know there are plenty of dairy free options on the market but 'smooth vanilla' from Swedish Glace is my absolute favourite. It tastes just like the Hagan Daaz dairy version.

Alpro pots
Love these things so much! They come in lots of flavours. Special shout out to the chocolate, really tasty and less than 100 calories! They're a bit like a yoghurt but they aren't kept in the fridge. I love these for breakfast. One of these and a cup of coffee and I'm good to go. 

These are so moreish! I'm actually ashamed of how much of this I've gone through. Fudge was something I knew I was going to miss switching from veggie to vegan so I was super happy to find this in Morrisons. It being stocked is so hit and miss that I have actually bought the box on a past occasion so that I would never have to go too long without it. 

What are your favourite dairy free snacks?
Nikki x
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