Sunday, February 26, 2017

Freedom Pro Blush Palette: Bronzed & Baked

This palette is so pretty! Other than a couple of lipsticks, this is the only thing I own from Freedom.

Freedom comes from the same family as Makeup Revolution so it's hardly surprising that their palettes are the same brilliant quality whilst also being super affordable. 

There are shades in this palette to suit pretty much everybody, ranging from a subtle pink shade ideal for blush to the deep warm toned contour shade. You could also use 4/5 of them as highlight depending on the tone you prefer. 
I can only really get away with the two darkest shades as eyeshadow, I'm way too pale for them to work anywhere else on my face. The rest I mix and match as highlight, contour or blush. 

Never fear if you're someone who normally steers away from shimmer, the shades range from the super duper shimmery right down to a subtle, barely there shimmer. Nothing too intense at all but you could always build it up if you prefer to glow. 

This palette is only £6!! I'd definitely recommend picking it up if you're looking to add to your collection because that's a complete steal for what is essentially eight products at a super high quality. I'll definitely be heading back to the Freedom stand soon.

Do you own anything from Freedom?
Nikki x
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