Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Beauty Wishlist

Any beauty lover knows the wishlist is never ending. Here are the things (a few of the things) hanging around in my online baskets at the moment.

This is one of those products where I feel like the only person in the blogging world who hasn't tried it and as a lover of the higher coverage foundations I definitely need to change that. I'm happy with my Kat Von D one at the moment but when that runs out I'm going to give this one a try. 

I would argue that you can never have too many neutral palettes and I really want this one in my collection. There are so many beautiful shades to choose from and whilst I've never tried anything from Sonia, I've only ever heard great things.  

As a massive Rosie fan it's surprising that I've never tried any of her makeup line. In reality my wishlist consists of everything but I think this bronzer is definitely my most wanted.

Brittany posted a video just before Christmas wearing this shade and I've been lusting after it ever since. Unfortunately it came after I'd given my Christmas list out so I've waited but I'm going to London soon(ish) and I'm heading straight to the Kat Von D counter.

I love Kathleen. Her youtube channel has been one of my favourites for years so naturally I've got my eye on this palette. I'm not one to use highlight a lot so I can't bring myself to justify the £40 spend.

I don't own anything Charlotte Tilbury and I've decided the best start to my collection would be this makeup bag. I'm obsesed with the design, it's so classic. 

Yet again....another brand I haven't tried. I recently got rid of one of my Morphe palettes so I need a replacement. That's how it works, right? Ha! As soon as I finish paying off my holiday I'm going to treat myself to this.

What have you got your eye on at the minute?
Nikki x

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