Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Listening To Your Body

I'm currently miserable. Not emotionally, I'm just full of cold and feeling thoroughly sorry for myself. Even though everything hurts I still dragged myself out of bed and set off to work. I felt a mess and I looked a mess but it's only 'a cold'. It wasn't until I was half way to work that I abruptly burst into tears and decided that this was my sign that I could actually take the day off. I turned right around and phoned my mum. I still couldn't bring myself to ring in sick. 
'Am I really sick enough to warrant being off?'
'What if people think I'm skiving?' 
'What if they struggle being a man down?'
Which got me thinking, why am I not my priority? Why do I not listen to my body when I barely have the energy to sit up and think I'm capable of being on my feet for nine hours?

Sorry for the pointless post but this has been my internal conversation since I got home. I'm so annoyed with myself that I even got out of bed this morning.
Does anyone else feel really guilty ringing in sick? 
Nikki x
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