Thursday, June 30, 2016

Pocket Essentials

Sometimes you get buried in delivery, sometimes you get stuck on the till for hours, sometimes you're short staffed and somebody would actually notice if you left the shop floor for two minutes, so I always like to make sure I have a pocket full of 'essentials'. Luckily, my uniform pockets are like Mary Poppins bag so I can pack quite a lot.  

1. Nail clippers are an absolute must for me. I don't think I go through a shift recently without breaking a nail. We've all been there, when your nail snaps and it's a sharp jagged mess. Not brill at the best of times, never mind when you're working with clothes.

2. Chewing gum. I get so paranoid about bad breath. Like, ten minutes after I've brushed my teeth I will be convinced that my breath smells. I actually hate chewing, I hate seeing it but if I'm stuck in a corner of the store tidying and there's nobody around then I'll always be chewing on something minty. School rules still apply though, don't tell anybody you've got it or you'll have none left.

3. Bach Rescue Pastilles. There are moments at work when I literally feel panic start to build. I feel like a fish out of water in social situations and I work in retail.....go figure! I can't explain exactly how these help but they definitely seem to.

4. Lip balm. A lot of my job involves talking to the public and I'm a nightmare for biting my lips. Cue, they're often dry and pretty chapped....not hot!! This Dr Bronner lip balm is my current fave. It actually makes my lips super soft and I don't have to constantly reapply it.

5. Concealer. To be fair, I don't know the last time I actually reapplied concealer at work. I think it must have been Christmas time. That being said, I always feel more comfortable knowing I have it one me. 

What are your work essentials? 
Nikki x
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