Wednesday, April 13, 2016

TV Series Tag

I bloody love tv! 
It's actually embarrassing to think about how much tv I watch. I like to record a weeks worth of shows and then lounge in front of the fire and have a massive catch-up marathon on my day off.

Best tv pilot? Once Upon A Time. Can you imagine being Emma Swan right back at the start?? 
Worst TV Pilot?  Pretty Little Liars. I tried it a few times but, to this day, I haven't seen the whole first episode. 
Best Series Finale? Sabrina the Teenage Witch
Need I say more? 
Worst Series Finale? Merlin. That ending was such a let down :(
Favorite TV Actress? Emma Roberts.. I adore her! Plus, on a non related note, she's my total style queen at the moment.
Favorite TV Actor? Ian Somerhalder.
Most Disappointing Cancellation? All of them. Most shows I like get cancelled out of the blue. I'd maybe go with Primeval because there was still so much they could have done.
Best Opening Titles? Big Bang Theory 
🎶 that all started with a big bang. BANG!! 🎶
Favorite Female Character? Amy Farrah Fowler(Big Bang) or Donna Paulsen(Suits)
Favorite Male Character? Nick Miller(New Girl) or Spencer Reid(Criminal Minds)
Least Favorite Character? Meredith Grey
TV Crush? Shay Mitchell!!
Favorite Childhood TV Show? Grange Hill
Favorite Teen TV show? Saved By The Bell
Fastest Binge Watch? Big Bang Theory. I got sick of E4 playing them all in the wrong order so when they appeared on Netflix (finally!) I binged the whole 8 seasons in less than a fortnight.
Favorite Show of All Time? The Bill. 
Show I Regret Watching? I don't really think I have one. I feel like I can tell pretty quickly whether or not I'm going to like a show. I don't necessarily regret watching anything.
Favorite Animated Show? Bob's Burgers
Favorite Guilty Pleasure Show? Real Housewives of Cheshire. It's so good!
Favorite Mini Series? Sherlock but I did love 'And Then There Were None' 
Most Embarrassing Watch? I used to love Days of Our Lives which is pretty embarrassing. It's nothing like English soaps. I can't even explain why but it's so bad that it's good. 
Character Whose Wardrobe I’d Most Like To Steal? Spencer Hastings
Show I’d Most Like To Be On? Bring back The Bill and that would be the dream. I'm going to go with The Vampire Diaries.

This took me a surprisingly long time to finish but I finally got there. If you have done this then I'd love to see your answers. 
Nikki x
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