Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Brand Essentials - L'Oreal

I had a bit of a makeup clear out the other day and realised that whilst I don't have mass amounts of L'Oreal in my collection, what I do have is actually brilliant. 

If you'd asked me a fortnight ago what my 'holy grail' foundation was I'd have said the True Match, but boy has that been blown out of the water. I have kind of combo (mainly dry at the moment) skin so I went out and bought the non matte version of this first. I hated that so much that I donated it to my sister without giving it a second shot. She loves it btw! I then decided to take a punt on the matte version. Best decision of 2016 so far. I love it! It's medium/high coverage so if you're after something more natural then this is not the one for you. I find it covers redness but I still need to conceal any spots. This will settle around dry patches (obviously! It's matte) but I don't personally mind a little bit of extra blending throughout the day.

I've had the super liner in my collection for about a year having received it in one box or another but it was in green (not the most everyday shade). I don't know why it never occurred to me sooner to pick it up in black. It's by far the easiest pen I've ever used to do winged liner. I think it's because the pen is long and easier to hold than most liquid liners I've tried but if you are someone who struggles to do the whole winged thing then I'd definitely recommend trying this out.

Volume Million Lashes had been my favourites mascara for many years. I have new 'favourites' every now and again but this will always be my first recommendation to anybody. It is super black, defines well and dries quickly. 

I currently have a bit of a palette obsession, I can't stop buying them. Because this isn't new to me, it's definitely fallen by the wayside in favour of my more recent purchases. This is the Rosé version of the 'La Palette Nude', which is not as pink toned as the name implies. I don't do pink shades on my eyes because I have pretty heavy pink undertones and that would be horrendous but there's only really one shade out of the ten which I don't think I'll ever wear. Special mention goes out to the shimmers (of which there are six) for being really pigmented and not at all glittery.

What are your favourite products by L'Oreal?
Nikki x

Thursday, February 4, 2016

January Favourites - Beauty

I haven't got a lot of new beauty favourites this month. I've been working a lot which hasn't really led to opportunities to try anything new. I never want to risk trying new makeup items on workdays because there's always the risk that I'll end up looking like a hot mess by lunchtime. 

 If strong brows are your thing then the ABH Dipbrow Pomade is perfect for you. If I wanted a more subtle brow look then I would probably veer towards something else from my collection. Personally, I love a strong brow and I've been reaching for this everyday. I'm in the shade Auburn and one thing I really love is that it doesn't need setting. 

Charli XCX x Impulse teamed up towards the end of last year to release two body fragrances. I'm so annoyed that these are limited edition because I'm obsessed. I think Vanilla Kisses is my favourite of the two, just because the scent lingers a little longer but I love Rock & Love almost as much. 

The Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation and Bourjois Healthy Mix Concealer are my current go-to face combo. Once set with powder these two are pretty long lasting. They've been lasting me through a long working day which isn't something that a lot of my makeup collection can boast.

I'm not massive on primer and I know it doesn't make much sense to wear an illuminating primer with a matte foundation but I find the Diamond Heart Base Primer by Emite Makeup really helps stop my foundation from clinging to dry patches. 

I'm a classic ginge in that my eyelashes are invisible. They're there but you can only actually tell that when I've got mascara on. Benefit's They're Real Lash Primer is perfect for days when I want a no makeup look because they genuinely just end up looking like I've had my lashes tinted. I love it! Also, bonus, it doesn't smudge on my lower lashes.

What have you been loving so far this year? Any new discoveries?
Nikki x
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