Sunday, October 30, 2016

Face of the Day

Basic face today.
I'm nearly out of my Infallible foundation so I figured I may as well use it up. This is genuinely my favourite foundation. With a buffing brush it provides amazing mid/full coverage and I never have problems with it wearing off. 

I seem to be on a mission to buy everything from Kat Von D Beauty and the white concealer was something I never knew I needed. I will say that it's very easy to use too much of this, I only need the tiniest amount. It's perfect for creating the illusion that I'm actually awake, which is perfect for work. I'll be adding my actual shade to my collection soon. 

Eyeshadow is something I only really reach for on my days off but it's generally the Naked Palette. I love Virgin, Buck and Smog for a neutral everyday look. I have pretty hooded eyes so any attempt at anything fancy is just a waste of time. 

The tattoo liner is my new favourite. I think i'm an even bigger fan of the size of this. I got this in a set but I really wish the travel size was sold on its own. There's something about the smaller pen that makes a wing easier to accomplish. 

Great Lash featured in my September beauty favourites. It's a great waterproof mascara and is less than £5!

And finally......Lolita is a lip colour I will rave about until the end of time. In case you're new here, it's my favourite. If you don't have it then you need to change that.

I geuinely feel like I write and rewrite about the same products all the time. Do I even own enough to call myself a beauty blogger? Nikki x

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

The Best Kind of Nudes

Left to right - Shooting Star, Cashmere, Nude Perfection, Buffy, Truffle

★ Rimmel Apocolips Shooting Star ★
I love this formula. It's more of an orange toned nude which I definitely don't normally go for but it just seems to work. I tend to go for this one when I'm at work because it's super natural and I 100% know that it won't cake it I apply more layers. 

★ Lime Crime Cashmere ★
This was my first Velvetine and quickly set off the obsession. I was really scared for a long time that this would be the sort of nude that would wash me out but it really does work for all skin tones.

★ Maybelline Color Drama Nude Perfection ★
These crayons are amazing. They have the longevity of a liquid lipstick but you can apply them as easy as you would a chapstick. I love that it's a crayon, no mirror needed!

★ Lime Crime Buffy ★
My natural lips have zero pigment to them but this is what I wish my lips looked like. There don't seem to be strong undertones of either pink or brown, it's just a real 'nude' nude. 

★ Dose Truffle ★
This is my newest liquid lipstick. I mentioned it in my September favourites. It's the most drying formula I own but it's not unwearable. I just maybe wouldn't wear this if I'm out and about all day. I adore the colour! It would be perfect for a night out though and I love wearing it when I'm running errands.

As we can see from this, I'm firmly in the liquid lipstick fan club. I'm unsure how I'll ever love another formula quite as much.
What are your favourite nude lipsticks? Any other recommendations for pale girls?
Nikki x

Monday, October 10, 2016

September Beauty Favourites

It's officially my favourite month of the year....October AKA Halloween. Let's be real, it's a month long occasion. That does mean that another month has been and gone so here are my favourite five products from September. 

★ Vichy Dermablend Corrective Foundation.
I haven't felt anywhere near 100% for a lot of September and being run down really takes its toll on your skin. I've had a nightmare with spots recently and I know I can count on this to not only cover what I need it to but also to last all day. It works better than any concealer I've come across in terms of long term coverage. Ridiculously, the palest shade (porcelain) is still too orange for me but it blends well enough that I can just about pull it off.

★ Rimmel Clear Complexion Clarifying Powder. 
Easily the best powder I've ever used. It creates a kind of soft focus effect which makes my skin look a lot better than it actually is. I prefer to use a powder puff to press this on as opposed to a brush because it provides better coverage.

★ Maybelline Great Lash Waterproof Mascara. 
I feel like Great Lash has been around since before beauty blogs but I'd never used it. I tend to have the same problem with most waterproof mascaras, they flake. This stuff is the real deal. It takes a lot of work at the end of the day to get this stuff off. It is really black and provides great length and definition.

★ Dose Truffle. 
The lastest addition to my evergrowing liquid lipstick collection but my first from Dose. I love this shade. I only have this one shade so I can't speak for the whole range but the formula of this one is definitely one of the more drying liquid lipsticks. It's nothing too dramatic though, I just pay more attention to the condition of my lips on days when I want to wear this.

★ Primark Perfume - Bombshell. 
I actually couldn't smell this when I bought it (truth be told, I still can't 100%). I've had quite a few compliments on it though. You can hardly complain for £2!! I love that it's so small that it's the perfect size for absolutely any handbag.

What were you loving through September?
Nikki x

Thursday, August 25, 2016

8 Beauty Blogger Questions

Why did you start blogging and how long have you been blogging for?
I've started a few blogs over the years but I lost motivation, much like I seem to have done with this one recently. It never takes me long to get to the 'but I have nothing new to say' stage. 

Whose blog did you fall in love with first?
I fell in love with youtube first. I didn't really start reading blogs until I created my own and then I started finding really amazing blogs through Instagram. I'm currently really loving 'Zoe the Dreamer' and 'Dainty Alice'

What was the first blogosphere hyped about product you bought and was it worth the hype?
I don't tend to buy into hype, mainly because of how expensive that is. I feel like hyped products are, more often than not, higher end products and I certainly don't have the money for that. I suppose the Collection lasting perfection concealer is a good one. I've been using that since I learned what concealer was. 

What have you learnt from being a beauty blogger?  
That you don't need to splurge to get good quality. Dupe videos are some of my favourite to binge watch on Youtube.

Have you changed anything since being a beauty blogger? 
I wear a lot more makeup. I wouldn't bother with things like primer if I didn't have this blog because I wouldn't really know what it was. I try more new products as well. L'Oreal True Match was my ride or die foundation until blogging and I would just continuously repurchase that but thanks to other people reviewing what they love I've got about 5 others in rotation and I love them all. 

What advice would you give to a beauty blogger just starting out?
Joining twitter chats is a great way to get noticed. I need to take my own advice here because I'm so bad and remembering they're on.  

Name your top five brands: 
Makeup Revolution, Rimmel, Sleek, L'Oreal and Urban Decay.

Recommend your top five favorite beauty products: 

  1. L'Oreal True Match foundation. 
  2. Makeup Revolution lip lacquers. 
  3. Wilko makeup brushes (especially the massive powder one). 
  4. Naked Palette. 
  5. Barry M nail polishes.
What are your favourite brands? 
Nikki x

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Pocket Essentials

Sometimes you get buried in delivery, sometimes you get stuck on the till for hours, sometimes you're short staffed and somebody would actually notice if you left the shop floor for two minutes, so I always like to make sure I have a pocket full of 'essentials'. Luckily, my uniform pockets are like Mary Poppins bag so I can pack quite a lot.  

1. Nail clippers are an absolute must for me. I don't think I go through a shift recently without breaking a nail. We've all been there, when your nail snaps and it's a sharp jagged mess. Not brill at the best of times, never mind when you're working with clothes.

2. Chewing gum. I get so paranoid about bad breath. Like, ten minutes after I've brushed my teeth I will be convinced that my breath smells. I actually hate chewing, I hate seeing it but if I'm stuck in a corner of the store tidying and there's nobody around then I'll always be chewing on something minty. School rules still apply though, don't tell anybody you've got it or you'll have none left.

3. Bach Rescue Pastilles. There are moments at work when I literally feel panic start to build. I feel like a fish out of water in social situations and I work in retail.....go figure! I can't explain exactly how these help but they definitely seem to.

4. Lip balm. A lot of my job involves talking to the public and I'm a nightmare for biting my lips. Cue, they're often dry and pretty chapped....not hot!! This Dr Bronner lip balm is my current fave. It actually makes my lips super soft and I don't have to constantly reapply it.

5. Concealer. To be fair, I don't know the last time I actually reapplied concealer at work. I think it must have been Christmas time. That being said, I always feel more comfortable knowing I have it one me. 

What are your work essentials? 
Nikki x

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Everyday Face (Six Products)

I think it's down to laziness more than anything but I haven't been wearing much makeup recently. I'm at a stage where I can't really justify (boring!) buying more makeup without finishing some of the products I already have. Does anybody else use a product for a couple of months and then move on to something else and forget about the half used stash? I know I can't be alone. Here are the products I'm currently using when I leave myself 10 minutes to do my makeup (basically everyday).

I've shunned my beloved matte foundations recently in favour of this face combo. I love how the Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation and Clarins Powder look together. They are the perfect shade for my skin, which is something I've been able to say less than a handful of times in my life. You can't tell there is anything on the skin but the foundation definitely delivers on the 'visibly perfected skin' claim. I personally find that this foundation works best blending with my fingers and I use a sponge to press the powder on....A whole new routine!

I buy a lot of different concealers but I will always go back to the Collection Lasting Perfection one. There's a reason everybody loves it so much. It's thick enough to provide amazing coverage without being cakey. I do have to be careful about not using too much though because even shade 1 can end up looking orange on me.

I'm not a massive lover of the They're Real mascara from Benefit. If I'm honest, it hurts my eyes. Like I said, I am trying to clear out some of my stash and this is the one I'm currently on. I do really like that it last all day and doesn't transfer (even on my crazy oily lids). I won't be repurchasing this when it's gone though.

Maybelline Brow Satin is another product I'm not crazy about. It's ok and would probably work a lot better if you had more to your brows than I do. It's got a weird sponge applicator which is convenient but I find it really difficult to create a precise shape. I haven't bothered trying the pencil end on my brows because I can tell from trying to swatch it on my hand that it is way too hard to be scratching on my face.

I've had Kat Von D - Lolita for two months and it has essentially become my 'holy grail' lip product. I think I could quite happily wear this everyday for the rest of my life. Seriously though, how pretty is it??

Nikki x


Sunday, June 5, 2016

May Favourites

I spent about a week sneakily using my sister's Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation before I decided it was time to buy my own. Claiming to be 'invisible coverage' with 'pore blurring effect' I definitely think it delivers on both. It's medium coverage; it evens out the skin tone but I still need concealer for the under eye area. It truly is my skin but (a lot) better.

A friend gave me this Clarins Powder Compact years ago and I've literally only just finished it. I'm not a massive fan of powders because I generally wear a matte foundation and don't find that I need any. Since I've started wearing match perfection I've been needing to powder throughout the day and this has been my favourite by far. I'm in Ivory Beige and it has absolutely no colour that I can make out and doesn't oxidise. It seems to have been repackaged since I got this and I'm kinda scared the formula won't be the same. 

I didn't wear a lot of makeup through May, a lot of the time I didn't even bother with contour or eyeliner. I've been obsessed with lip products, though.
GOSH Velvet Touch Lipliner in Antique Rose is a mauve toned pink and it's literally the liner I put under 90% of my lipsticks, regardless of colour. I have a nude lip obsession at the moment but I sometimes forget how pale I am and so some of my nude shades can make me look ill. This is the perfect liner to add a bit of colour whilst maintaining the general nude vibe.

If I could only own one lip product for the rest of time then it would definitely be Kat Von D's Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Lolita. My sister recently went to New York and I knew I wanted something Kat Von D but there's so much to choose from. There's a reason that Lolita is the cult shade! I honestly think it suits everybody. It's kind of a brown/mauve shade on me but when you look up swatches on google, it really does look different shades on different skin tones.  

I didn't own any Lime Crime Velvetines until this month and I already own six. Salem has been my go to for days when I'm not wearing Lolita. I don't know when I'll ever get to a Sephora so I'm only trying to use that 2/3 days so try and make it last as long as possible. I'm loving the formula of the velvetines. They are easily the most long wearing lip products I've ever tried. They're up there with the lacquers from Makeup Revolution. I literally have to scrub (and scrub) to get these off. I definitely didn't think I'd get any wear out of Salem when I first unboxed it but I actually love it. It's a milk chocolate shade which I can see suiting a lot of people.

My perfume of the month has been Incredible Things by Taylor Swift. I'm trying to use up a few of my perfumes to justify buying some more and this has been the one I've used almost everyday this month.
Fragrantica is telling me that this is supposed to be a musky perfume. I would definitely still check this out if you don't normally like musky scents because that wouldn't be a word I'd use for it. On the other hand, if you don't like vanilla then you won't like this because that it the overpowering note. This is going to sound really strange.....and disgusting....but I get vanilla/vodka/passion fruits whilst being kind of talc(y) smelling. I've really been enjoying wearing it even if that sounds like the most horrendous smell ever. I'm really bad at describing things!!

Sorry for such a long absence, I've been having laptop issues. Hopefully they're all fixed now and normal service will resume :)
Nikki x


Wednesday, April 13, 2016

TV Series Tag

I bloody love tv! 
It's actually embarrassing to think about how much tv I watch. I like to record a weeks worth of shows and then lounge in front of the fire and have a massive catch-up marathon on my day off.

Best tv pilot? Once Upon A Time. Can you imagine being Emma Swan right back at the start?? 
Worst TV Pilot?  Pretty Little Liars. I tried it a few times but, to this day, I haven't seen the whole first episode. 
Best Series Finale? Sabrina the Teenage Witch
Need I say more? 
Worst Series Finale? Merlin. That ending was such a let down :(
Favorite TV Actress? Emma Roberts.. I adore her! Plus, on a non related note, she's my total style queen at the moment.
Favorite TV Actor? Ian Somerhalder.
Most Disappointing Cancellation? All of them. Most shows I like get cancelled out of the blue. I'd maybe go with Primeval because there was still so much they could have done.
Best Opening Titles? Big Bang Theory 
🎶 that all started with a big bang. BANG!! 🎶
Favorite Female Character? Amy Farrah Fowler(Big Bang) or Donna Paulsen(Suits)
Favorite Male Character? Nick Miller(New Girl) or Spencer Reid(Criminal Minds)
Least Favorite Character? Meredith Grey
TV Crush? Shay Mitchell!!
Favorite Childhood TV Show? Grange Hill
Favorite Teen TV show? Saved By The Bell
Fastest Binge Watch? Big Bang Theory. I got sick of E4 playing them all in the wrong order so when they appeared on Netflix (finally!) I binged the whole 8 seasons in less than a fortnight.
Favorite Show of All Time? The Bill. 
Show I Regret Watching? I don't really think I have one. I feel like I can tell pretty quickly whether or not I'm going to like a show. I don't necessarily regret watching anything.
Favorite Animated Show? Bob's Burgers
Favorite Guilty Pleasure Show? Real Housewives of Cheshire. It's so good!
Favorite Mini Series? Sherlock but I did love 'And Then There Were None' 
Most Embarrassing Watch? I used to love Days of Our Lives which is pretty embarrassing. It's nothing like English soaps. I can't even explain why but it's so bad that it's good. 
Character Whose Wardrobe I’d Most Like To Steal? Spencer Hastings
Show I’d Most Like To Be On? Bring back The Bill and that would be the dream. I'm going to go with The Vampire Diaries.

This took me a surprisingly long time to finish but I finally got there. If you have done this then I'd love to see your answers. 
Nikki x

Monday, April 4, 2016

New Look Eyeshadow Palette

Other than a nail polish from the New Look makeup line (which I'm obsessed with) I hadn't paid much thought to trying out any more of their products until recently. 

I love how compact this palette is, it fits perfectly in my everyday makeup bag. It reminds me of the packaging from Sleek; matte Black and sturdy.

The shadows, on the other hand, are not matte. They have some shimmer but aren't chunky or glittery in the slightest.
When I first swatched this in store I thought the shadows were more on the chalky side and I honestly only bought it because of the shade furthest to the right. It's a reddish brown shade which I thought would be a good addiction to my collection. If you have the Stila 'In The Light' palette then it's really similar to Sunset. Although, I must say that the New Look version is surprisingly more pigmented. I'm very pleasantly surprised. 

I would definitely recommend picking this up. It's only £4.99! Absolute bargain in my opinion.

Nikki x

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

February Beauty Favourites

Sorry I'm a bit late with this post. I haven't been loving my blog lately so I haven't really wanted to post but I figured this is a good post to get back into it. I actually tried (*cough* bought) new things towards the end of January/beginning of February so I've got a couple of new products to report on.

I'm not massively into blushes. I suffer with quite a lot of redness so blush doesn't always seem necessary. This Makeup Revolution Blush Palette in Sugar and Spice was too pretty not to pick up. I'd be lying if I said I didn't buy it solely for that top highlight shade. Having said that, I haven't used that yet. I've been using the two left hand shades of the top row on rotation for the past few weeks. I've really been loving having a more peach toned blush.

This 'Nails Inc' Nail Polish in Battersea Park has been on my nails for the vast majority of the month. This has actually been one of my favourite nail colours throughout the whole of autumn and winter. It's a fairly deep green with a definite khaki tone. 

My Boots doesn't stock the Soap and Glory makeup range so this mascara is the first thing I've tried. When it says 'super volume' it ain't lying. One coat is all I need to define my lashes and bonus points are awarded for the fact that it doesn't transfer or smudge. 

 There really is nothing like the smell of a MAC lipstick. Brave is one of their satin finish lipsticks. I'm slowly starting a collection. I don't want hundreds, I kind of want one for each of the bases. I spent hours on google looking at swatches and, in all fairness, there isn't much difference in a lot of the shades I was looking at. Brave seemed to be one that most people have in their collections and I went with that as my pink based nude. I can't imagine it will take me long to need a new one it as I've been reapplying it like crazy since I bought it.

P.S. Love is Primark's beauty range. I don't live anywhere near a Primark and they don't have an online shop (sort it out Primark!) so I haven't had much chance to check out the range. As I mentioned earlier I have an issue with redness. These colour correctors seem to be everywhere but, as a natural skeptic, I didn't want to spend much on my first go. When I finally got to Primark and saw they had some I decided to give the green one a go. I actually love this. I much prefer the look of applying it on top of foundation as opposed to putting it on beforehand. It cancels out any unwanted redness and lasts all day. It's only £1.50 and did the job so I'll definitely be repurchasing this when I run out.

Nikki x


Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Brand Essentials - L'Oreal

I had a bit of a makeup clear out the other day and realised that whilst I don't have mass amounts of L'Oreal in my collection, what I do have is actually brilliant. 

If you'd asked me a fortnight ago what my 'holy grail' foundation was I'd have said the True Match, but boy has that been blown out of the water. I have kind of combo (mainly dry at the moment) skin so I went out and bought the non matte version of this first. I hated that so much that I donated it to my sister without giving it a second shot. She loves it btw! I then decided to take a punt on the matte version. Best decision of 2016 so far. I love it! It's medium/high coverage so if you're after something more natural then this is not the one for you. I find it covers redness but I still need to conceal any spots. This will settle around dry patches (obviously! It's matte) but I don't personally mind a little bit of extra blending throughout the day.

I've had the super liner in my collection for about a year having received it in one box or another but it was in green (not the most everyday shade). I don't know why it never occurred to me sooner to pick it up in black. It's by far the easiest pen I've ever used to do winged liner. I think it's because the pen is long and easier to hold than most liquid liners I've tried but if you are someone who struggles to do the whole winged thing then I'd definitely recommend trying this out.

Volume Million Lashes had been my favourites mascara for many years. I have new 'favourites' every now and again but this will always be my first recommendation to anybody. It is super black, defines well and dries quickly. 

I currently have a bit of a palette obsession, I can't stop buying them. Because this isn't new to me, it's definitely fallen by the wayside in favour of my more recent purchases. This is the Rosé version of the 'La Palette Nude', which is not as pink toned as the name implies. I don't do pink shades on my eyes because I have pretty heavy pink undertones and that would be horrendous but there's only really one shade out of the ten which I don't think I'll ever wear. Special mention goes out to the shimmers (of which there are six) for being really pigmented and not at all glittery.

What are your favourite products by L'Oreal?
Nikki x

Thursday, February 4, 2016

January Favourites - Beauty

I haven't got a lot of new beauty favourites this month. I've been working a lot which hasn't really led to opportunities to try anything new. I never want to risk trying new makeup items on workdays because there's always the risk that I'll end up looking like a hot mess by lunchtime. 

 If strong brows are your thing then the ABH Dipbrow Pomade is perfect for you. If I wanted a more subtle brow look then I would probably veer towards something else from my collection. Personally, I love a strong brow and I've been reaching for this everyday. I'm in the shade Auburn and one thing I really love is that it doesn't need setting. 

Charli XCX x Impulse teamed up towards the end of last year to release two body fragrances. I'm so annoyed that these are limited edition because I'm obsessed. I think Vanilla Kisses is my favourite of the two, just because the scent lingers a little longer but I love Rock & Love almost as much. 

The Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation and Bourjois Healthy Mix Concealer are my current go-to face combo. Once set with powder these two are pretty long lasting. They've been lasting me through a long working day which isn't something that a lot of my makeup collection can boast.

I'm not massive on primer and I know it doesn't make much sense to wear an illuminating primer with a matte foundation but I find the Diamond Heart Base Primer by Emite Makeup really helps stop my foundation from clinging to dry patches. 

I'm a classic ginge in that my eyelashes are invisible. They're there but you can only actually tell that when I've got mascara on. Benefit's They're Real Lash Primer is perfect for days when I want a no makeup look because they genuinely just end up looking like I've had my lashes tinted. I love it! Also, bonus, it doesn't smudge on my lower lashes.

What have you been loving so far this year? Any new discoveries?
Nikki x

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Best Dressed : Golden Globes 2016

I bloody love awards season. 
So. Much. Fashion!

The Golden Globes kicked off the season with a bang and seemingly no end to the list of amazing looks.

My ultimate look of the night went to Amber Heard who looked flawless in Gucci

Lily James looks like she's stepped out of a fairytale with this Marchesa gown. She also wouldn't look out of place on a runway with that supermodel pose. Working the red carpet like a pro(haha)

Emilia Clarke wearing Valentino. I totally tweeted when I first saw this that I couldn't work out whether I loved or hated this and I've decided....I love it! She looks like the leader of a coven.

Amy Adams wearing Atelier Versace. Would this really be a best dressed list by me without an Amy Adams appearance. Okay so I might be a little biased because I'm somewhat obsessed with her but I seriously do love this dress. I love that she is never afraid to rock colour. I love how simple the dress is and yet it still looks totally classy and A List.

Zendaya wearing Marchesa. I don't feel like there are many best dressed lists that Zendaya isn't on. I'm obsessed with how she always manages to pull off classy without dressing older than her age.

Who were your favourites?
Nikki x

Thursday, January 14, 2016

2015 Favourite Products: Face

Primer This Works in transit camera close-up
This is the first year I've really bothered with primers, I just never saw the need. I have, however, accumulated quite the collection over the years. I'm assuming most of them came from beauty subscription boxes. I've tried a fair few this year and whilst I'm still not 100% convinced that it does anything to the longevity of my makeup, this definitely makes a difference to the appearance of my pores. I've been noticing them a lot more around my nose in recent months and this stuff smooths over them so that my foundation doesn't look daft. I'm nearly at the end of my current one but it's definitely on my repurchase list.

Foundation L'Oreal True Match
I hit the jackpot with this foundation. I find it fairly watery (? I'm not sure if that's the word I'm looking for) when you first apply it. It's quite a bit thinner than any of my other foundations. It's fairly lightweight and easy to blend. Then it seems to settle to an almost powder finish. I know I'm not doing the best job at describing it but this is the best foundation I've ever tried and I find myself coming back to it time and time again. I haven't tried it since the packaging changed so I really hope the formula is still the same.

Concealer Kryolan Camouflage Creme DQ1
I'm still not sure what came over me to spend so much money on a concealer. I know this isn't necessarily a 'high end' price, but for me it's a splurge. I think a major part of the reason I love this so much is that it is a palette and so it contains different shades. I can use the lightest shade to brighten around my eyes and then one of the darker shades to cover any redness. It's super convenient for traveling as well because you only need the one product. Add to that the fact that I use the darkest shade in this palette to contour and it's absolutely worth the money.

Powder Rimmel Stay Matte transparent
This oxidises, there's no two ways about that. For that reason, I can only really wear this when I have a tan. Luckily, I've been tanning a lot more this year so I've managed to get a lot of use out of this stuff. I think I've probably only tried three different powders in my whole life so I'm not really an expert but this is amazing. It's only around the £4 mark which is nothing and it sets my makeup for the day.

Blush Emite make up artist colour powder blush 108
I had never heard of this brand before I received this in a Glossybox but it became my new favourite blush after just one use. I would never have gone near anything as brown toned in a shop as I just always veered towards pinks thinking they were the best thing for my porcelain skin. This year has been a massive learning curve for me in terms of experimenting with different shades and not just sticking to what I think works. You never know unless you try it, kids.

What were your favourite face products this year? Also, does anyone have a primer which makes their makeup stay put longer?
Nikki x

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

2015 Favourite Products - Eyes

Lashes Urban Decay Perversion
I get bored of mascaras too easily, I have way too many on the go at any one time but I definitely find myself reaching for specific ones more than others. This was my standout through 2015. The fat brush gives loads means you get loads of volume and it is super duper black. I don't use this for my bottom lashes as I find it can smudge but I have no problems with the top lashes.

Liner Maybelline Master Ink Black Matte
I'm definitely more of a fan of kohl but there's a fine line between looking great and looking like you haven't washed your face in a week. For work, liquid seems like the way to go. Some days I think this is too dark on me. It's so black it makes me feel like a goth queen. The main reason for my love is that once it is on, it is not going anywhere. I have oily lids and I find that a lot of liquid liners fade to grey throughout the day...not this one. 

Rimmel Brow This Way Medium Brown
This was a hand me down from my sister but her loss is my gain :) I don't use the gel side (she did the damage to that) but I'm loving the powder. It's really pigmented and lasts all day, even on days when I forget to set it.

What were your favourite eye products of 2015?
Nikki x
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