Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The Original Naked Basic Palette

I am a massive fan of makeup and yet I managed to get to 24 without ever trying an Urban Decay eyeshadow. Not for lack of want, more from lack of wanting to pay that much for a palette. When I saw in a recent Elle magazine that their gift with subscription was the original Naked Basics, I signed up immediately.

Left to right...

Venus is a shimmery ivory shade.
Foxy is a pale yellow toned shade.
Walk of shame is a subtle baby pink.
Naked 2 is kind of a grey toned beige.
Faint is your standard 'crease' warm brown.
Crave is the token black.

For everyday wear I tend to blend out Naked 2 all over the crease. It's the perfect shade to look like I've made an effort without being too much hassle in the 20 minutes I leave myself to get ready for work.
I've even started using Naked 2 for my brows for days when that's the only makeup I'm wearing and it's the perfect subtle (but actually visible) shade for me.

For me personally, I don't think there's a need for both Foxy and Walk of Shame to be in the same palette. Especially when there's only room for 6 to begin with. I know 'W.O.S' is a pink tone and 'Foxy' a yellow tone but, on my skin at least, they both swatch almost to nothing. I am 100% willing to accept and admit that this may just be due to my Casper skin tone because that's all I've got to work with. It might be a completely different story for someone with a deeper tone.

This is the perfect everyday/travel palette for me. I love the compact size and I really love the sturdy packaging. I definitely got more than my moneys worth with this offer - thanks Elle :)

What's your favourite travel palette? Are W.OS or Foxy stand out shadows to you?  

Nikki x
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