Monday, July 6, 2015

June Favourites

Going to start with the obligatory 'how is it July already?' But seriously, though. I haven't had many new loves this month but I do have a variation.

I was skeptical about how much the Magnitone was really going to do but I could not be more impressed with the results. I've been using it religiously since receiving it and I don't think I've had skin this clear in 8(ish) years. I like to use this before I apply my makeup in a morning with the Liz Earle cleanse and polish just to make sure that there is no grime left from the day before.

I cannot get over how amazing the Makeup Revolution velvet lip laquers are. I have 'Keep Crying For You' but I'll definitely be picking up some more colours. It lasts soo long that I need a rough exfoliator to get it off at the end of the day.

I'm quite old fashioned and very pro book but you can't deny the convenience of a kindle. I've been doing a lot of research into nutrition recently and I love that I can download a few books at the time so that I've got all the information I could possibly need in one place.

This month I've been obsessed with playing around with false lashes. I'm toying with the idea of getting extensions but I don't know anywhere I'd trust to do it just yet. My favourites are the 'Oh! Honey' set by Katy Perry but they have been well loved and are nearing the end of their life. I know fairly recently the Katy Perry range changed the packaging but does anybody know if the lashes stayed the same? I'm still wearing a set from the older packaging and I'd hate if the actual lashes had altered.

I only bought these Topshop rings a couple of days ago but I've had them on ever since I bought them. I've always wanted to be a ring kind of girl but my sausage fingers mean I normally can't find any to fit properly. Thank you Topshop!

I featured this LVNDR necklace in my March favourites but I thought it was only right to give it another mention as I actually haven't taken it off this month. It's my favourite piece of jewellery at the moment and I always get lots of comments about it at work. Thunder storms are my favourite weather type so this beauty is right up my street.

Taylor Swift 
Picture and Video courtesy of the sister
Need I say more?
Just when you think she can't get any better, she does. I saw her, for the third time, in June. I went to Manchester with my sister for the 1989 tour and she takes the crown for my favourite night of my entire life, if only for the speech she gave before singing Clean. Who needs therapy when Auntie Taylor is there making me cry with her inspirational speeches? 
I am not a failure just because I haven't got my life together yet. Thanks Tay for reminding me that it's ok not to be settled yet. I'll get there. I will.

What were you loving through June? Any products I need to try out?
Nikki x
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