Monday, June 29, 2015

Top 5 Summer Lips

I'm not much of a seasonal lip shade kind of girl. You're just as likely to see me with a vampy purple in July as you are with a bright pink in November but for arguments sake I've narrowed down my favourite summer shades. I've got a nude, pink, purple, coral (kind of) and orange.

Essence longlasting lipstick in 'Oh So Matt' 
This is amazing. I probably wear this 5 days out of the 7 in a week recently. It has really great staying power considering it's only £2.30(!)

MAC satin finish lipstick in 'Pink Nouveau'
This is my only MAC product and I love it. It smells amazing, it's super creamy and it lasts, pretty much, as long as you want it to. This is my Barbie lip.

Makeup Academy matte lipstick in 'Lilac Belle'
As you'd expect from the matte finish, this isn't the creamiest lip product out there. It can also be slightly hard work to apply due to the texture but once on the lips it isn't drying at all and it's got great pigmentation. The colour payoff, for me, is worth the extra 30 seconds application.

NYX soft matte lip cream in 'Atwerp'
I think this is probably my favourite lip product. I adore everything about it. It doesn't dry instantly so there's not much chance of making a mess of the application and really stains the lips so it isn't going anywhere in a hurry.

Revlon colorburst matte balm in 'Audacious'
Having orange hair, I would never have gone anywhere near an orange lip had my sister not picked this up. I'm glad she did, though. The formula is really great but I do find that it isn't the longest wearing matte lip. I probably get 2 hours out of this before it starts to fade around the middle of the lips. If you don't mind keeping it in and your bag and reapplying a couple of time through the day then this isn't a massive issue as the colour really is great.

What are your go to summer lip products?
Nikki x

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