Monday, April 20, 2015

My Ultimate 5 Eurovision Entries 2005-

Eurovision is a massive love of mine-  I have a playlist on my ipod. I'm not one these people who worry about what act we send because I take it for what it is....A lot of fun! Unpopular opinion but Daz Sampson is one of my favourite acts we've sent. If I was looking for a serious music competition then I'd watch X factor. The more theatrical a performance, the better as far as I'm concerned. I love the dramatic power ballads as well as the insanely catchy upbeat tunes.

I struggled to narrow this down to just 5 and it's taken me about a fortnight to finish because I kept getting distracted. I had a rough idea of my top 5 but it would have been rude to not listen to the lot to make sure. That's a hell of a lot of songs (I'm calling it research). What I did discover is that some years have  handful of brilliant songs and other years I struggle to find even one that I like. 

What you will gather from this list is that I'm generally almost alone in liking these songs because they don't do well, at all.

County: Estonia
Act: Getter Jaani
Song: Rockefeller Street
Year: 2011
Place: 24th with 44 points

Country: Hungary
Act: Kati Wolf
Song: What About My Dreams
Year: 2011
Place: 22nd with 53 points

Country: Bosnia & Herzegovina
Act: Feminnem
Song: Call Me
Year: 2005
Place: 14th with 79 points

Country: Sweden
Act: The Ark
Song: The Worrying Kind
Year: 2007

Place: 18th with 51 points

The first four have no order but this fifth one is my absolute favourite! 

Country: France
Act: Les Fatals Picards
Song: L’Amour a la Française
Year: 2007
Place: 22nd with 19 points

Any other Eurovision fans out there?
Nikki x

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