Friday, March 27, 2015

How I Save Money

I'm not the sort of person who can successfully save just for a rainy day. I envy people who can do that but I need an end goal.

1) A recent addition to my room is a goal board. I pin pictures which represent things off my bucket list. This way I've always got my eye (literally) on what I'm saving towards and I'm less likely to make that frivolous ASOS purchase.

2) I've run out of storage for products and instead of buying more room, I'm currently limiting my makeup purchases (99% of the time). For example, I can only buy a new makeup product e.g. foundation when I finish one I already have. There are obviously slip ups. The Max Factor Creme Blushes were too pretty to resist and let's be real, who ever actually finishes a blush?

3) I've had a savings account for about 8 years now but it's linked through online banking to my everyday account so I can transfer money out of my savings just as easily as I can transfer money into them. This obviously means that my savings aren't looking too healthy. At the end of last year I had the genius idea of giving my money to someone I trusted so that it I didn't have access to it. Since January I have been giving my nanna money regularly with the instructions that I can't have it back until my birthday in July. If it gets to July and I still don't have enough for what I'm saving for then I'll give it back to her and give her a new end date. She's probably the only person I would trust to not cave into my pleas.

4) I save all my loose change in a piggy bank. Actually in my case it's an empty 3L Vodka bottle my mum got from her local. Since having it, I never spend coins less than £1, they go straight into the jar. I'm going to be loaded when it's full, it's actually massive!!

Are you any good at saving? What methods are your favourite?
Nikki x

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