Wednesday, January 14, 2015

My Very First MAC Puchase....*pause for gasps*

Despite being 23 and a massive lover of makeup, I have never owned anything from MAC - I had just never felt the urge to spend their prices..... Until I saw this on Cohorted. I don't know whether that's a legit site for getting a bargain but if you tell me I'm getting money off then I'm automatically more interested.
I am so in love with the colour. Barbie would adore this colour.

I'm not massively in the know about the different finishes of MACs lipsticks but this is a Satin.
I find this lipstick is seriously creamy and yet builds well. I've been wearing this over a NYX lip liner in Nude Pink and haven't experienced any cracking or bleeding. It also smells/tastes really good, not at all chemically.

I have to say that, whilst I can't see me starting a large collection, if I do see a colour I really like I won't be letting the price put me off again. I definitely think some products have a slightly higher price point for a reason and I'm glad I took the plunge for this one.

Have any of you tried Cohorted and got any good deals?
Nikki x

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