Monday, January 5, 2015

GOSH ' enjoy in New York' Shadow Collection

One of my least favourite things about Christmas is that once something is on your list, you have to wait. I've been lusting after this palette for so long but once it had been mentioned as something I wanted, it was a case of playing the waiting game.
Finally, I have my hands on it!

There are three GOSH 9 shade shadow collections:
  • to enjoy in New York
  • to have fun in LA
  • to play with in Vegas
Of the three, this is the one which I thought would be most wearable on a daily basis. There are seriously bright colours in the other two but all of these can be worn as a subtle everyday look.

This palette is full of shimmery shades which isn't something that usually appeals to me. I remember a friend wearing shimmery eyeshadow to school and my teacher telling her she looked like a goldfish and I've strayed towards mattes ever since. This palette, however, was too pretty to ignore.

The two outside colours off the top row aren't particularly pigmented but I can definitely see myself using them as highlights.
I do absolutely love the central colour - the darkest purple, and I've been wearing that all over the lid on days when I'm going for a more 'grungy' look. It's probably my standout colour from the whole palette.

The consistency is definitely more on the dry side so I make sure I always do my eyes first to avoid any mess from  potential fall out. Despite this, I do find these fairly easy to blend and even without a primer they stay on my lids for a considerable amount of time.

The palette itself looks a lot more expensive than it actually is (£9.99!!) with it being super slim and matte black. I'm a sucker for matte black. I was worried when I felt just how slim the packaging is was that it would mean less product but I think the large surface area of each shade means you probably get what you would with a normal pan.

Has anyone else got this palette, or tried any GOSH shadows? What are your thoughts?
Nikki x

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