Monday, December 21, 2015

Mermaid Lips

I cannot tell a lie; I own more purple lip products than any other colour. I found this beauty on a stand with all the Halloween makeup. Normally the word 'metallic' would put me right off (I'm a matte lip kind of gal) but it was too pretty just just leave there. It's so shimmery that I don't think it would look out of place on a mermaid.
I love how sturdy this packaging its. Normally with 'glosses' this affordable I expect flimsy packaging but this is beautiful. The solid square shape and gunmetal packaging make this look a lot more expensive than the £3 I actually paid.
This comes with a doe foot applicator which means easy application.

In the interest of complete honesty, I have found that this can be kind of tricky to apply. It's fairly thick which makes it streaky when you apply it straight to the lips but I've been applying it on top of a dark liner and it's made it a lot easier. It isn't at all sticky and uncomfortable to wear which is a stereotype about glosses that I find difficult to steer clear of. 

Which colour appears most in your lip collection?
Nikki x

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Beauty Wishlist

* Urban Decay Naked Palette *

I am aware that I'm probably in the 5% of people blogging about beauty who doesn't own the Naked Palette. I do really need to change that though because all of the colours in the original are right up my street. 
Also, I knew Olivia did nails but I didn't know she'd done other things as well. That's exciting!

What's top of your beauty wishlist at the moment?
Nikki x

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The Original Naked Basic Palette

I am a massive fan of makeup and yet I managed to get to 24 without ever trying an Urban Decay eyeshadow. Not for lack of want, more from lack of wanting to pay that much for a palette. When I saw in a recent Elle magazine that their gift with subscription was the original Naked Basics, I signed up immediately.

Left to right...

Venus is a shimmery ivory shade.
Foxy is a pale yellow toned shade.
Walk of shame is a subtle baby pink.
Naked 2 is kind of a grey toned beige.
Faint is your standard 'crease' warm brown.
Crave is the token black.

For everyday wear I tend to blend out Naked 2 all over the crease. It's the perfect shade to look like I've made an effort without being too much hassle in the 20 minutes I leave myself to get ready for work.
I've even started using Naked 2 for my brows for days when that's the only makeup I'm wearing and it's the perfect subtle (but actually visible) shade for me.

For me personally, I don't think there's a need for both Foxy and Walk of Shame to be in the same palette. Especially when there's only room for 6 to begin with. I know 'W.O.S' is a pink tone and 'Foxy' a yellow tone but, on my skin at least, they both swatch almost to nothing. I am 100% willing to accept and admit that this may just be due to my Casper skin tone because that's all I've got to work with. It might be a completely different story for someone with a deeper tone.

This is the perfect everyday/travel palette for me. I love the compact size and I really love the sturdy packaging. I definitely got more than my moneys worth with this offer - thanks Elle :)

What's your favourite travel palette? Are W.OS or Foxy stand out shadows to you?  

Nikki x

Monday, August 3, 2015

Kryolan Dermacolor Camouflage Creme DQ1

Kryolan is a brand which specialises in professional makeup. I first heard of them after receiving a highlighter in a Glossybox a while back. 

I saw Em (My Pale Skin) feature this in a couple of her Youtube tutorials and was immediately interested. I love seeing products in action on Youtube as opposed to blogs because it's a lot easier to see actual results. It's not difficult to fake a good review in written form. 

I personally suffer from quite a bit of redness, I hate my under eye freckles and I'm prone to blemishes but it can get fairly annoying having to use a multitude of concealers for my different needs. 
Kryolan claim that these camouflage cremes cover acne, dark circles, bruises and tattoos amongst other things. I've given it a good go and none of the shades in this palette cover my tattoo but then maybe there's just a different application technique for different issues.

The shade in the left of this palette is perfect when I'm at my palest. It's the only one which actually matches my skintone but as this palette was £20+ (with p+p) I'm finding uses for the others. I probably should have gone with the trio but you live and learn. The middle shade works when I've fake tanned and I use the last shade as a cream contour. It looks surprisingly natural. I haven't found uses for the other two shades just yet but I'm not giving up.

I'm not normally a fan of brushes that come with palettes. Although to be fair, that's mostly the weird the spongy things that come with eyeshadow palettes (does anybody seriously use them over the age of 10?) Anyway, rambling....Point being, I love the brush. It kind of reminds me of a paint brush off of school times. It has super firm bristles which some people might not be a fan of but I think it means that you get a much more precise application. I'm not personally a fan of using this alone for application because the firm bristles can just end up wiping the product away, if that makes sense. I apply to the areas with this brush and then use my Real Techniques blending sponge to blend(duh!)

Have you tried any high street heavy duty concealers? Or even high end ones worth the cash?
Nikki x

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Makeup Academy 5th Birthday Palette

Top row l-r : Taffy, Reveal, Peacherine, Penny, Fiery, Siren
Bottom row l-r: Shell, Thistle, China, Cool Grey, Obsessed, Smoke

If you saw my recent Superdrug haul then you will have seen that there was an offer on Makeup Academy where, if you spent a certain amount, you received this palette free. I do love a freebie so naturally I made sure that happened.

There are 12 shades in this palette. I would say that there are 3 shades which are totally matte and the other 9 are varying degrees of shimmer with 2 verging on glittery.

If I were personally buying a palette then this one has more shimmer than I would normally go for but I do really like the shades. Unlike most eye shadows which have such a low price point, I was really pleasantly surprised that there doesn't appear to be any fallout with these.

In my opinion, the paler shades could do with some work. As you can see from my swatches, 'Shell' is basically a nothing colour. I have also found with the paler shades that they are not very wearable for longer periods of time, unless you want to touch up throughout the day. For example, I personally find that 'Reveal' and 'Peacherine' lose pigment after a couple of hours on the lids, leaving just a shimmer. If you are going out for lunch, or a nipping to the shops etc. somewhere where you won't be out for long, then these shades create beautiful looks.

Regardless of this, I would 100% recommend checking out this palette. I love how varied the colour range is and I'm really excited to use 'Taffy' and 'Thistle' more throughout the colder months. 

Have you got this palette? Are there any other MUA palettes I need to get my hands on?
Nikki x

Monday, July 6, 2015

June Favourites

Going to start with the obligatory 'how is it July already?' But seriously, though. I haven't had many new loves this month but I do have a variation.

I was skeptical about how much the Magnitone was really going to do but I could not be more impressed with the results. I've been using it religiously since receiving it and I don't think I've had skin this clear in 8(ish) years. I like to use this before I apply my makeup in a morning with the Liz Earle cleanse and polish just to make sure that there is no grime left from the day before.

I cannot get over how amazing the Makeup Revolution velvet lip laquers are. I have 'Keep Crying For You' but I'll definitely be picking up some more colours. It lasts soo long that I need a rough exfoliator to get it off at the end of the day.

I'm quite old fashioned and very pro book but you can't deny the convenience of a kindle. I've been doing a lot of research into nutrition recently and I love that I can download a few books at the time so that I've got all the information I could possibly need in one place.

This month I've been obsessed with playing around with false lashes. I'm toying with the idea of getting extensions but I don't know anywhere I'd trust to do it just yet. My favourites are the 'Oh! Honey' set by Katy Perry but they have been well loved and are nearing the end of their life. I know fairly recently the Katy Perry range changed the packaging but does anybody know if the lashes stayed the same? I'm still wearing a set from the older packaging and I'd hate if the actual lashes had altered.

I only bought these Topshop rings a couple of days ago but I've had them on ever since I bought them. I've always wanted to be a ring kind of girl but my sausage fingers mean I normally can't find any to fit properly. Thank you Topshop!

I featured this LVNDR necklace in my March favourites but I thought it was only right to give it another mention as I actually haven't taken it off this month. It's my favourite piece of jewellery at the moment and I always get lots of comments about it at work. Thunder storms are my favourite weather type so this beauty is right up my street.

Taylor Swift 
Picture and Video courtesy of the sister
Need I say more?
Just when you think she can't get any better, she does. I saw her, for the third time, in June. I went to Manchester with my sister for the 1989 tour and she takes the crown for my favourite night of my entire life, if only for the speech she gave before singing Clean. Who needs therapy when Auntie Taylor is there making me cry with her inspirational speeches? 
I am not a failure just because I haven't got my life together yet. Thanks Tay for reminding me that it's ok not to be settled yet. I'll get there. I will.

What were you loving through June? Any products I need to try out?
Nikki x

Monday, June 29, 2015

Top 5 Summer Lips

I'm not much of a seasonal lip shade kind of girl. You're just as likely to see me with a vampy purple in July as you are with a bright pink in November but for arguments sake I've narrowed down my favourite summer shades. I've got a nude, pink, purple, coral (kind of) and orange.

Essence longlasting lipstick in 'Oh So Matt' 
This is amazing. I probably wear this 5 days out of the 7 in a week recently. It has really great staying power considering it's only £2.30(!)

MAC satin finish lipstick in 'Pink Nouveau'
This is my only MAC product and I love it. It smells amazing, it's super creamy and it lasts, pretty much, as long as you want it to. This is my Barbie lip.

Makeup Academy matte lipstick in 'Lilac Belle'
As you'd expect from the matte finish, this isn't the creamiest lip product out there. It can also be slightly hard work to apply due to the texture but once on the lips it isn't drying at all and it's got great pigmentation. The colour payoff, for me, is worth the extra 30 seconds application.

NYX soft matte lip cream in 'Atwerp'
I think this is probably my favourite lip product. I adore everything about it. It doesn't dry instantly so there's not much chance of making a mess of the application and really stains the lips so it isn't going anywhere in a hurry.

Revlon colorburst matte balm in 'Audacious'
Having orange hair, I would never have gone anywhere near an orange lip had my sister not picked this up. I'm glad she did, though. The formula is really great but I do find that it isn't the longest wearing matte lip. I probably get 2 hours out of this before it starts to fade around the middle of the lips. If you don't mind keeping it in and your bag and reapplying a couple of time through the day then this isn't a massive issue as the colour really is great.

What are your go to summer lip products?
Nikki x


Thursday, June 18, 2015

Face of the Day - 18th June

Products Used:

  • Dainty Doll liquid foundation in Shade 03
  • Makeup Revolution Vivid Baked Blush in 'All I Think About Is You'
  • Sleek Contour Kit in Light
  • NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder in Auburn/Red
  • Model Co More Brows in Light/Medium
  • Maybelline Master Precise liquid eyeliner in Black
  • 2True twist 'n' line eye definer in Pure White
  • L'Oreal Volume Million Lashes in Extra Black
  • Makeup Revolution lipstick in 'Rebel With Cause'
Nikki x

Friday, June 12, 2015

Superdrug Haul

At the end of last month I was browsing the Superdrug website and came to the realisation that I haven't actually tried anything from either Makeup Revolution or Makeup Academy (I'm 99% sure that's true, anyway) so I picked up a couple of bits.
Being a newbie to both brands I just picked up one shade in different products that I wanted to try with the idea that if formulations, pigmentation etc was good then I would build up the collection as time went on.

I haven't tried any of the products so this is just what I bought and my initial thoughts. I will post reviews as and when I try the bits and pieces.

 Left-right: Keep Crying For You, Lilac Belle, Persian Rose, Rebel Without Cause

Let's start with Makeup Revolution. 
I only picked up three things from them. I love lip products, they're probably my favourite beauty item to buy. I love that you can literally get every colour imaginable and unlike face products, you aren't limited shade wise. That being said, I do always tend to go quite drastic with a lip, I've only ever found one nude combo that I'm a fan of. Adding to my collection of statement lip shades, I picked up a lipstick in 'Rebel Without Cause' which is a berry toned purple. I also picked up one of their Salvation Velvet Lip Lacquers in 'Keep Crying For You'.
Baked blushes have blown up recently so I had to pick up one of these from Makeup Revolution. I got ‘All I Think About Is You’ and it’s a gorgeous marbled pink shimmer.

Moving onto Makeup Academy... 
I picked up a few items because they had an offer where, if you spent a certain (low) amount, you got one of their limited edition 5th birthday eyeshadow palettes. It was a no brainer. The palette itself is beautiful, I love the shades. There are 12 shades, in what appear to be 2 finishes. There are 3 matte shades and the rest are varying degrees of shimmer. It's got warm pink toned shades but there is also a cooler blue/grey shimmer so there is something for everybody. I can’t wait to get using this.

Two more lipsticks were purchased. I went with a matte version in 'Lilac Belle' because you can never own too many purple lip products....or matte lip products. I also picked up 'Persian Rose' which is a hot pink colour which looks and smells a lot similar to my sole MAC lipstick in Pink Nouveau. I'm excited to see if it's a dupe or maybe that's as far as the comparison goes. We'll see.

I bought three face products. I picked up a loose powder and a stick concealer. I'm always keen to try new face products as shades pale enough for me are few and far between. I also chose one of their basic blushers in 'Candyfloss' which is a really pretty dusky rose colour.

Lastly, no makeup haul would be complete without mascara. You can't really go wrong with mascaras but I picked up the extreme version as I'm trying to get out of wearing fake lashes. I always end up with my real lashes somehow glued up my eyelids so, until I look into extensions, I'm all about the extreme volume mascaras. Hopefully this will do the job (non existent fingers crossed emoji).
I will let you all know my thoughts on all of these products. Do you have any products from either brand which you would recommend?
Nikki x

Monday, May 25, 2015

Best Dressed: Cannes 2015

  • Li Bingbing in Zuhair Murad
  • Poppy Delevingne in Burberry Prorsum
  • Naomi Watts in Ellie Saab Couture

  • Cate Blanchett in Armani Privé
  • Lily Donaldson in Saint Laurent
  • Julianne Moore in Armani Privé

Queen Sienna of Cannes

L-R: Gucci, Valentino Couture, Lanvin

Who were your best dressed this year?
Nikki x

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Netflix Movies #2

A Long Way Down

Four people meet on New Year's Eve and form a surrogate family to help one another weather the difficulties of their lives. Source

My favourite book was turned into a film and it took me way too long to watch it! I was scared it wouldn't do the book justice but I needn't have worried as it's rocketed to the top of my favourite films list. I wasn't aware of Imogen Poots before watching it but she is incredible as Jess. Despite being about depression, this is a brilliantly real, uplifting film.

Wreck-It Ralph

A video game villain wants to be a hero and sets out to fulfill his dream, but his quest brings havoc to the whole arcade where he lives. Source

This is a genius concept for a movie. It's kind of an anti fate kind of thing. Ralph doesn't want to be the bad guy and quite literally goes about changing his 'destiny'. Vanellope Von Schweetz is potentially the cutest character ever created! I fully intend to recommend this to everybody I know who hasn't seen it. Such a feel good film!

Iron Man 3

When Tony Stark's world is torn apart by a formidable terrorist called the Mandarin, he starts an odyssey of rebuilding and retribution. Source

I'm not sure I've seen the 2nd movie but you really don't need to have. This is set after the first Avengers movie so he's still dealing with that. It's kind of about how the past can come back to haunt you whilst also being about the strength of friendship. Iron Man is one of my fave heroes because of how sassy he is. 

I'm slowly making my way through the movies on Netflix. Have you seen any of these? What were your thoughts?
Nikki x

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Magnitone Lucid

For the past couple of months I've really been suffering with my skin. None of my makeup was sitting right and it soon dawned on me that the problem was my skincare routine. It all comes down to skincare. 
Enter Magnitone.

 Given that my skin is sensitive and super easily irritated, I'd never taken the plunge on a cleansing brush purely because £69.99 isn't a price I could justify if I was only going to get a couple of uses out of it. When I heard Magnitone were taking part in the Bloggers Hub Twitter party I was excited. I didn't know what a 'Twitter party' entailed but I set an alarm so I was sure to be there on time and it turned out to be a chat between bloggers and brands. Bonus...brands were also giving away certain numbers of their products.
Magnitone very kindly sent me one of their Lucid exfoliating brushes to try out and I could not be more grateful. 

There are two modes to this brush - deep clean and sensitive. I was worried about the bristles being too harsh against my skin but that isn't the case at all. For the first couple of days I used the sensitive mode but I soon moved onto the deep clean setting and I haven't had any problems.

With claims of 'softer, brighter, smoother skin' in just 7 days I was skeptical. How much of a difference could just a week make. As it turns out....a lot!

Within two days of using this I noticed an improvement in my skin. I was so impressed that I was keen to post a review there and then. Obviously that isn't realistic when it comes to forming thoughts on skincare items so I held off until the end of the 7 days and I love it more everyday. I wouldn't say I'm getting fewer spots but they are definitely a lot less red and they aren't typically painful any more. My skintone is a lot more even since starting using this. I generally have quite a lot of redness but my skin has calmed down a lot and most of that damage has faded.

My sister commented after only a couple of days that my makeup looked a lot nicer than it usually does and the reason was that my skin was a lot calmer underneath. By the time I saw her, late afternoon, my makeup looked just as good as it had when I applied it 8 hours earlier. You know you're onto a good thing when other people are noticing a difference and commenting.

The Lucid is smaller than my hand and comes with a travel charger, perfectly compact for those of you who are lucky enough to travel a bit. 
It is also fully waterproof for those of you who like to do your skincare stuff in the shower. 
I honestly can't see an excuse not to give this a go.

I can't see myself ever going back to a routine that doesn't involve this handy device. If you fancy trying one out for yourself, the lovely lot at Magnitone are offering 20% off the Lucid cleansing and exfoliating brush with the code 'Nikki20' which is available here.

Have you tried a cleansing/exfoliating brush before? Are you a fan?
Nikki x

Whilst the Magitone Lucid was very kindly sent to me, my thoughts are 100% my own.

Friday, May 8, 2015

Best Dressed - Met Gala 2015

The Met Gala is notoriously one of the more extravagant nights in the fashion calender.
I struggled for a stand out but whilst I was narrowing down my best dressed, I couldn't get any further than these five.

L-R: Sienna Miller, Imogen Poots, Emma Roberts

Sienna Miller in Thakoon. Sienna is always towards the top of my best dressed lists. I wish I had her eye for style. This two piece is gorgeous.

Imogen Poots in Alberta Ferretti. Imogen has only recently been on my radar but she was definitely one of my stand outs from the Met Gala. This dress reminds me of something that Daisy Lowe would wear which is always a massive bonus in my book.

Emma Roberts in Ralph Lauren. I like to think if I did my prom all over again, now that I'm more comfortable with fashion, that I would wear something along these lines. I adore the colour. She looks seriously sophisticated and I love everything about it.

Poppy Delevingne in Marchesa. This looks seriously high fashion. She always manages to look like she's walked straight off the runway. I love how simple she's kept her hair and makeup, letting the dress do the talking.

Zendaya in Fausto Puglisi. Zendaya was one of my best dressed from last year. I love how she takes risks and how different this is from everything else we saw on the carpet the night. She was also one of a handful of people who seem to have got the memo on the theme.

Who were your favourites from this year's Met Gala? Any unexpected stand outs?
Nikki x


Tuesday, May 5, 2015

April Favourites

My go to lip combo for this month and I imagine for the foreseeable future is the Essence lip liner and matching stick in 'In The Nude'. I've finally found my perfect nude! I wear them solo as well but they last a hella long time together!

I feel like I have a new lip balm on an almost weekly basis but for work purposes this Burts Bees Rhubarb balm has been my go to for a little while now. I have found with this that I don't even need it in my pocket to reapply, it lasts almost long enough for my four hour shift. I love how it isn't as sheer as you'd expect a lip balm to be.

I've decided I'm going to treat myself and get my lips done for my birthday in July. I've wanted it doing for years, I just need to find where I want to go. Until then I've been using this DuWop Lip Venom to create the illusion of fuller lips. I love this stuff. It tingles when you apply it so you can feel it working and it lasts a good cuple of hours. If only this was a permanent fix.

I've been powdering more consistently recently. I generally suffer with dry patches so powder isn't something I veer towards but I've been applying it with this Wilko Face Brush and my makeup has been lasting so much longer. This brush is sooo soft and the size means it gets the job done in seconds.

My uniform is a bloody nightmare for deodorant marks, even when the deodorant claims to be anti white marks. I'm running out of deodorants that I haven't already tried but this one from Mitchum was recently on offer in Boots so I picked a couple up. The yellow one is my favourite as it smells super fresh and clean. Bonus - no white marks!!

I recently ran out of my Frizz Ease serum and, as I'm on a spending ban, I had a route around in my stash and came across the KMS Tame Frizz. I really like this. It's quite sticky but  you don't need a lot of it and it's perfect for taming flyaways without looking greasy.

The L'oreal Paris Triple Protection Moisturiser has changed my skin completely. I was suffering from major dry patches but since using this they've all but disappeared. Also, big plus- it hasn't made me break out!

I've used every other Pearl Drops variation and never thought they were anything special but I've already seen a massive difference in my teeth from using the Ultimate Whitening version for just one week. I'm excited to see the difference in the coming weeks!

I've been fake tanning quite a bit recently. Obviously, tanning comes with the dreaded orange elbows if you don't exfoliate properly and I've been loving this Sugar Crush from Soap and Glory for that. It smells super sweet which isn't something I normally go for but it isn't overpowering and is the best exfoliator I've used. 

What were you loving through April?
Nikki x

Friday, May 1, 2015

My Top 10 under £10

I'm a big lover of the high street. The most expensive makeup items I own are a couple of Benefit mascaras. Being a youtube lover, it's become apparent that most high end products have a high street dupe so I keep an eye on those videos to save myself some money. A lot of these products are under £5 but I really love them and I repurchase them time and again.

L'oreal True Match Foundation
My holy grail foundation. I really like branching out to try and find alternatives but due to my aversion to high end prices and the high streets aversion to actual pale shades, I always end up back at True Match. It doesn't cling to my dry patches which I'm definitely loving right now. I set this with the Collection powder and it lasts flawlessly all day.

Essence Lip Liners
I can't get over the fact that these are only £1!I get a four/five hours without needing touchups and that's more than I'd expect for such a cheap price. I find that these are perfect with or without lipstick on the top, usually I wear these alone.

Essence I <3 Extreme Crazy Volume Mascara
I love this mascara for a more clumpy 'I've had this on for four days' look. It's super cheap but has amazing colour payoff and lasting power. It does take a while to dry because of the amount of product the wand picks up but I personally don't mind that because of the results I get.

L'Oreal Volume Million Lashes
I love this mascara. It lengthens and defines whilst also being super black. This dries pretty quickly so I can apply it on the go or if I'm in a hurry.

Collection Lasting Pefection Concealer
Who doesn't own this? It's super affordable and easily the best concealer I've tried. It helps that it's a perfect shade match for me :)

Collection Sheer Loose Powder
This powder is such a bargain. It's the best powder I've tried in terms of being long wearing and not oxidising. I wasn't a massiv fan of this when I first got it but recently I've been loving it. My makeup looks the same when I get home from work as it does when I set off.

Maybelline Color Tattoo 24 Hour
Granted I do only own one of these. Three guesses for which one? The consistency is super easy to blend, very pigmented and impressively long lasting. I'm currently on a spending ban but I'll definitely be looking at picking up a couple more of these sometime soon.

NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder - auburn/red
This is the first 'ginger' eyebrow product I've tried. Not sure why it's taken me so long given my obvious need for one. I actually prefer the darker shade of this but as my hair gets lighter with the sun, I'll definitely be reaching for the lighter shade a lot more. I don't really notice a difference in the staying power between when I use the gel and when I don't so I tend to just use the powder on its own. I would definitely recommend this product to anybody who prefers (or just generally likes) a powder brow.

Sleek Eyeshadow Palettes
These are so affordable for what you actually get - 16 highly pigmented shades. They have so many palettes available as well so there is something for everybody whether you like neons, pastels or nudes.

Barry M Nail Polishes
Barry does my favourite nail products. They have every colour you could ever need in every finish you could ever want and they're only £3.99.

What are your makeup essentials for a tight budget?
Nikki x
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