Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Skincare that doesn't work for me....

My skin really is a nightmare. After writing a few skincare drafts which all sounded negative I realised that it wasn't fair to portray products negatively when the truth is that my skin probably didn't want to give them a chance. So, in fairness to the products and in trying to educate myself, I'm going to start documenting products that I've tried which don't work for me on my quest for clear skin.

Witch Naturally Clear Blemish Stick

This does say on the tube to 'use with caution on sensitive skin' but I didn't actually read that before use. I'd seen so many rave reviews that I just grabbed it when I saw it on offer in Tesco.
I don't even think I lasted a week using this product before I realised I needed to stop. This made the area around my spots really painful, I could barely touch my chin. After stopping using this, my skin became really dry and flaky which meant that any makeup I applied, which I needed to cover problem skin, looked even more appalling that usual. It wasn't a good time for my poor troubled skin.

Nuxe Paris 24hr Soothing and Rehydrating Fresh Mask
(This was originally it's own post which is why it's so long)
Let me preface this by saying that I only actually used this product three days (two more than I should have done)

I'm nearing mid-twenties and becoming increasingly aware that I'm actually a grown up now and skincare is something I need to be spending more time focusing on.
The only face masks I'd tried are from varying lines of The Body Shop but hadn't managed to find one to work with my skin so I immediately dived into testing mode when this arrived in a monthly subscription box.
I'm afraid to say, it isn't good news.
In fact, there's no pros for me on this product. Obviously, I'm not saying this is a bad product, it just has absolutely no positive impact on me.
Despite changing a few different aspects of my skin routine at the same time, i'm fairly certain that this product was what has been causing my mass breakout.

I should have known better than to get my hopes up regarding this mask, there were obvious red flags.

The first issue I have is that it is for 'all skin types'. That should have made me pass the product straight onto somebody else but no, I remained hopeful.

The second issue I have is the smell. It smells so strongly that it was clearly going to affect me. I can't pinpoint the exact smell but the tube says this mask 'is enriched with almond and orange white flowers'. Not a fan!

The third issue I have and the one that makes me certain this is the nemesis of my skin is that, once applied, it makes my face burn. Like, I literally feel like my cheeks are on fire. A direct quote from the box -
intensely soothes the skin for an immediate 'SOS rescue' effect on skin discomfort (stinging, redness, sensations of heat...)
For me, personally, this mask caused all of the things is specifically mentions it preventing.
Stupidly, after suffering the burning sensation the first day, I tried this for a couple more days. I wanted to give it a fair trial. If you suffer any adverse reactions to products then make sure you stop using them immediately. It was insane of me to continue, especially when it's being used so close to my eyes.

If Nuxe have a sensitive skin line then I would be more than willing to give that a try but I'll be staying away from things suitable for 'all skin types' in future. 

The Body Shop Tea Tree Face Mask
I spent a while searching The Body Shop website for the perfect face mask and settled on this one for 'soothing and calming blemish prone skin'.
I love the cooling, tingling feeling this causes when it's applied and it smells really clean and fresh.
This dried almost instantly on my face and (you guessed it) actually caused breakouts. I personally didn't find this soothed or calmed at all. At least I can cross the 'Tea Tree' line off my list.

Do you have recommendations for (almost ridiculously) sensitive skin?
Nikki x

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