Tuesday, November 18, 2014

15 Festive Favourites

I stole this off a girl I follow on Tumblr ;)

1. Favourite festive food?

I don't know if these count but they're only out at Christmas so I'm going with it, Mr Kipling's Frosted Fancies. I eat those things by the box. My seasonal weight gain is all down to Mr Kipling and those yummy pieces of heaven.

2. Favourite reindeer?
Donner. All the other names are really random and then there's good ol' Donner.

3. Favourite day from '12 days of Christmas'?
5 Gold Rings because I like the way it's exaggerated and also, I'm a girl who loves jewellery.

4. Favourite Christmas song?

There's one about grandma being run over by a reindeer which I absolutely love. If we're sticking to chart ones then Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)

5. Favourite Christmas present?
A few years ago a family friend took me and my sister to Disneyland Paris for the few days before Christmas and it was immense!

6. Favourite Christmas film?
Jingle All The Way

7. Favourite Christmas cracker toy?
Not a massive fan of toys, just a simple crown hat does me.

8. Favourite cracker joke?
I can't think off the top of my head but the worse, the better when it comes to Christmas.

9. Favourite Christmas decoration?
Tinsel. I just bloody love tinsel.

10. Favourite candle scent?

My favourite scent in life is Glade 'spiced apple and cinnamon'.

11. Favourite Christmas tv advert?
I like the Argos aliens who don't know how to work anything. Not sure if they're around this year.
I loved the Rosie one for M+S last year as well.

12. Favourite Christmas tradition?
I don't really have any traditions. The only consistent thing we do every year is go to my grandparents house at 11ish and stay until just before Doctor Who (not important any more). I tried to make going to the park to feed the ducks a tradition but it didn't really catch on. Oh and me and my sister have started tracking Santa through Christmas Eve which is fun but again not really a tradition.

13. Favourite place to spend christmas?
My grandparents house because they have all the foods ;)

14. Favourite Christmas fact?
I had to google this and I don't know if it's actually a 'fact' but I like it...
Santa Claus is based on a real person, St. Nikolas of Myra (also known as Nikolaos the Wonderworker, Bishop Saint Nicholas of Smyrna, and Nikolaos of Bari), who lived during the fourth century. Born in Patara (in modern-day Turkey), he is the world’s most popular non-Biblical saint, and artists have portrayed him more often than any other saint except Mary. He is the patron saint of banking, pawnbroking, pirating, butchery, sailing, thievery, orphans, royalty, and New York City
15. Favourite Snowman accessory?

Please join in on the festive fun and link me to your answers.
Nikki x

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