Saturday, October 25, 2014

MY THOUGHTS: Nivea Sensitive 3 in 1 Micellar Cleansing Water (Sensitive Skin)

Up until I received this in my September Glossybox, I was a complete virgin when it came to these waters. Over the past year or two I'd obviously heard the world, her dog and their groomer talking about (mainly) the Bioderma version but I'm always super cautious about adding new things to my face routine due to overly sensitive skin. Anything new makes me break out like crazy. Usually. I figured with it specifying it was for sensitive skin that the least I could do was trial it.

For the previous year or so I'd just being using face wipes to take off my makeup off of a night...*pause for gasps*...but I was edging my way out of the denial closet and realising that I needed to change that stat. Makeup wipes don't actually remove 100% of makeup and generally will just lead to clogged pores and bigger skin problems than this 'water' was going to cause.

I apply this with cotton pads and it usually takes three to fully get rid of all my makeup, more when my mascara is waterproof or I've gone heavy duty.

This hasn't caused my skin to break out. At all. There's been no redness or tightness and I'm not left feeling oily after using it. I'm going to push my luck and try a different micellar water when this runs out, just for comparison. I'll definitely be repurchasing this.

What are your thoughts on this product? Do you have any brand recommendations for other cleansing waters for sensitive skin?
Nikki x

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