Wednesday, October 29, 2014

MY THOUGHTS: Cattier Paris Argile Rose Clay Mask (sensitive skin)

Contains pink clay and aloe vera. A mild and purifying treatment specially suited for sensitive skin. This mask clarifies the skin and provides it with important nutrients. 

I've never found a face mask that I thought was worth bothering with. My usual experience is that they just don't live up to the claims. Until now. I really enjoyed using this mask.

This product dried super quickly when on the skin. I applied it fairly liberally so I had serious struggles trying to talk with it on (probably not a bad thing for my family).

I found it easiest filling the sink with medium/hot water and using cotton pads in a circular motion to remove.

Something I'm currently using is causing me breakouts and I've currently got spots, blemishes and some scarring. This mask seems to be doing a brilliant job at calming any redness, taking any inflammation from the skin.
One thing I'm not the biggest fan of is the smell but I'm willing to put up with it for up to half an hour a week for these results.

I've obviously only used it for the length of the samples. I got 5 masks out of the two sachets so I'm not the biggest expert but
I'll definitely be purchasing the full size and giving a longer trial for only £4.25!

Have any of you tried this product? Thoughts?
Nikki x
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