Thursday, October 23, 2014

Birchbox Breakdown - October 2014

Birchbox Unboxing

Onto the products!!

1) Lollipops nail lacquer

A classic red nail polish for work and weekend from this chic, fun Parisian brand.

This nail polish retails for £7

Lollipops wasn't a brand I had heard of before. I have had this on since I received this box. It lasted a pretty average 3/4 days but that was with a matte top coat. I haven't tried it without yet but I'm not holding out much hope for it's lasting power. I would probably stick with Barry M polishes over this brand as they are half the price with twice the staying power (but that's obviously just personal preference).

2)Pixi by Petra 'Shea butter lip balm'

nourishing lip balm packed with shea butter - plus a hint of colour

This retails for £8.

I threw this in my handbag as soon as I opened the box but I've only reached for it a couple of times. I personally don't find this particularly moisturising. The stick of product itself is really solid which means it only gives off minimal product. I wouldn't repurchase this as I have a tinted Carmex which retails for less money and does a much better job.

3)Cattier 'pink clay mask' for sensitive skin

(obviously sample sizes)
A face mask packed with aloe vera to illuminate your complexion and soften skin.

This retails for £4.25 for 100ml (bargain!)

I'll start off my saying that I didn't notice my complexion was illuminated or that my skin was particularly softer but obviously we only got two days worth. What I did notice (and the reason I will probably be buying this product) is that this product seems to calm any red areas. I suffer from spots, blemishes and have a bit of scarring but this mask seemed to dull any inflammation I had at the time. I don't think it can hurt to give it a longer trial for only £4.25!

4)KMS California 'Tame Frizz' taming creme

helps control hard-to-tame frizz and any flyaways. also provides heat protection for styling with hot tools

This is a 50ml (sample size). In my opinion this could easily be the full size, it's perfect for throwing into a bag. The full size is 125ml and retails for £15.

There's nothing worse than spending ages perfecting your hair and then seeing your hard work unravel the minute you step outside. I used this quite liberally towards the end of my hair and more sparingly through the tops and my fringe and found I got to my destination with almost the same hairstyle I left the house with. It keeps the hair sleek but nothing can protect from the added volume that wind inevitably contributes.
This product does exactly what it says on the tube and I would totally buy it if I wasn't so dedicated to my Frizz Ease version.

5) Shaveworks 'the cool fix'

'a cult formula containing a moisturising medicalm complex that immediately soothes irritated skin.

This is a sample size. The full size is 156ml and retails for £11.

I shave the little hairs that you get on your face (can't just be me?) and sometimes that leaves me dry and red so I've been applying a small amount of this.  It definitely has a cooling quality to it. I don't have strong opinions on this either way. I don't love it enough to repurchase it but I'll use this one up.
Worst review ever haha!

Did any of you have different opinions on the products?
Nikki x
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