Monday, September 15, 2014

My Top Ten TV Shows (Ever!) Part 1

I came across an old post on EssieButton where she'd done this and I thought it was a good idea. It gives more of an insight into me as a person and are amazing recommendations if you haven't seen them.

The Vampire Diaries
The Vampire Diaries is the story of two vampire brothers, obsessed with the same girl, in a small town with more than its share of supernatural beings (source)

My love of vampires started with the ultimate - Angel, and despite the fact that I think Elena totally chooses the wrong brother, I still absolutely love this show. I'm not going to lie, the hot guys totally help this one. I love anything supernatural and this has so much going on that I was bound to jump on board.

Melissa and Joey

US Sitcom about a newly elected politician and the man she employs to look after her nephew and niece when they are suddenly left in her care (source)

I have loved Melissa Joan Hart from the age of about 7 when I used to come home from primary school every day, sit cross legged in front of my grandparent's tv and watch countless episodes of Sabrina on Nickelodeon. She is still as hilarious as ever in Melissa and Joey. The character development in this show is brilliantly realistic and I do love a good will they?/won't they?

Doctor Who
The Doctor is an alien Time Lord who travels through all of time and space in his TARDIS (source)

I don't know whether it's cheating having this on the list because I'm only a fan on a few series of it but those few series were so amazing that I do class it as one of my all time favourite shows. From the first Christopher Eccleston episode until the last Matt Smith episode, I'm a fan. I've got them all on dvd, I watch them loads but I simply don't think the current doctor/companion are for me unfortunately.

Absolutely Fabulous
Public relations maven Edina and best friend Patsy drive sensible daughter Saffron up the wall with their self-absorbed, substance-abusing escapades (source)

They've got dream jobs, they are hilarious and they know how to have a seriously good time. What's not to love?

Sitcom starring Miranda Hart. It doesn't matter what Miranda attempts in life, whether it's dating or simply dealing with her overbearing mother, she always seems to fall flat, quite literally (source)

Miranda engages mouth before brain, has absolutely no spacial awareness and has been mistaken for a transvestite but she also runs a joke shop with her best friend and bagged gorgeous Gary so I'd have no problem being her.

What tv shows are you guys loving?
Nikki x

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