Saturday, September 27, 2014

Oh Autumn, How I Love Thee

Summer is (finally) behind us. Don't hate, you've all had more than enough sun this year, I just prefer the colder of the four seasons.
Here are just twelve reasons I've got a lot of love Autumn/Winter.

1) Layers. Layers, layers and more layers. The more layers the better in my eyes. A bit like Joey on that episode of friends.
I'm not a seasonal dresser. I wear black tights all year around, I don't do getting my legs out.

Specifics -
I love 'beanie weather'. I don't really have a face that suits hats but I got really into beanies last Winter and I love throwing one to add to the cosy look.
Turtle necks are my favourite. I'm definitely planning on stocking up on every colour I can get my hands on whilst they're in season. They're so classic and versatile.

2)Boots. I love boots, they are my favourite footwear. I'm 100% not a fan of feet. I don't do sandals or flip flops because I'm a firm believer that, unless you're on a beach, there's no reason for me to be able to see your toes. Put them away. My favourite boots always tend to fall apart mid spring which means I have to wait months for them to come back into season to restock. Annoying!

3) Getting to watch Hocus Pocus without people pointing out it's a halloween film. I obviously already know that, I just love it.

4) My favourite candle being stocked again. I only burn one candle and I don't care what time of year it is. I love the Glade Spiced Apple and Cinnamon candle but it's limited edition through Autumn and Winter so I literally form a collection to last me the year. I'm down to my last three but luckily they've resurfaced in shops.

5) Tea. Flavoured tea to be more exact. Lipton Warming Apple and Cinnamon and Twinings Gingerbread Green Tea are my favourites. They also help make any room smell awesome.

6) Rain. Call me crazy but I just love the stuff. I really like the smell and there's something seriously refreshing about rain.
7) Thunderstorms are even better. I love the sound of the thunder and lightning talking to each other. Not to mention how peaceful and clear the air gets after a big storm.

Especially when......

8) Drinking wine in front of the fire. There's nothing like coming home from work and cosying up in front of the fire with a glass of wine to watch tv.

9) Having the electric blanket on making it super hard to get out of bed. I tend to snooze my alarm a lot more in Autumn.

10) Flushed cheeks from being out in the cold.

11) When the leaves become the same colour as my hair.

12) I love finishing work when it's dark. I'm not sure why I like this so much but it's been dark when I've left all this week and I just find it really satisfying to walk home in the dark.

What are your favourite things about Autumn?
Nikki x

Friday, September 26, 2014

Fashion Flashback Friday - British Fashion Awards 2013

Suki Waterhouse in Burberry. Suki and Burberry are a perfect fit. This colour is perfect for Suki. I love the pastel on the red carpet and the simple accessories. The deep V is what takes this to the next level for me. The colour is girly but the cut is edgy creating the perfect balance.

Laura Bailey in Roksanda Ilincic. The length of this dress isn't something that appears on a lot of red carpets. At least, it's not something, I usually take notice of. The high neck and full skirt could have meant that this dress was frumpy but the higher hem creates elegance. This is Laura Bailey doing what Laura Bailey does best.

Daisy Lowe in Erdem. Daisy is one of the only people who can pull off this much black and not look like like she's in mourning., especially when pairing the look with a black bag.
I love this. I especially love the lace detailing which breaks up the colour.

What were your favourite looks of the 2013 Awards?
Nikki x


Glossybox Breakdown - September 2014

Unboxing video

The box didn't come with the usual card describing all the products so I've done my own research.
These are the products I received in my September box.

1) L'Oreal Mythic Oil
'will leave your hair feeling beautifully tame, manageable and looking shiny'

This is a 45ml bottle which looks like a deluxe travel size. It would be perfect for trips away.
The 125ml bottle of this product is on Feel Unique for £13.60.

I use this oil on towel dried hair before blow drying and it helps make my hair really soft and shiny.
This does mean that I've been having to wash my hair more often than normal. Usually I get away with every 5-8 days but I've been having to wash it every 3 days.

2) Nivea Micellar Cleansing Water
'cleanses deeply, removes make-up and moisturises in one step'

This is on the Nivea website for £4.07 but almost everywhere on the high street is cheaper and it is currently on offer in Tesco for £1.99.

I had wanted to try a cleansing water for so long but was always worried about wasting my money on something that was just going to irritate my skin. A lot of the time, even the products that claim to be sensitive, bother me.
I have actually already used half of this bottle and I've got no complaints. Usually new skincare breaks me out but I've had no major issues with this. I may very well buy another when it runs out. Especially with how cheap it is.
I have found the best way to use this is to use a makeup wipe to remove my makeup and then go in with this water on a cotton pad to remove anything left and cleanse. It doesn't get all of my makeup off when used by itself.

3) Skin Pep samples
These are sample size sachets.
Brightening Enzyme & Acid Peel - 'targets dark spots & dissolves dead skin to leave exfoliated soft bright beautiful skin'

The full size product is 180ml and retails for £89.99(!!!)

Dark Circle Eraser - 'uses anti-oxidant ingredients to boost collagen in the delicate under-eye area'

The full size of this product is 15ml and retails for £44.99(!!!)

I can guarantee there's no way I'll be buying either of these. Those prices are ridiculous to me.

4) Model Co More Brows Fibre Gel
'Extend, reshape and thicken brows in an instant'

I've already misplaced mine (whoops) but I think we received the full sized product which actually retails for £14.95.

This is the perfect shade for my brows. I actually shaped one of my brows slightly too much recently so this has helped disguise my mistake until it grows back.

5) Nails Inc Matte Topcoat

This retails for £12.

This one product almost doubles the amount of nail varnishes you own. I love matte nails but I find that most of the shades available are at the darker end of the spectrum. This means that I can create some pastel matte looks for the coming seasons which I think will look great with a darker wardrobe. 

Big thumbs up from me. I was really impressed with this month's box :)
What beauty subscription boxes are you loving at the moment?
Nikki x

Friday, September 19, 2014

Best Dressed - Met Gala 2014

Emma Stone in Thakoon. Who knew such a simple look could be so stunning? She even kept the hair and makeup simple. Emma Stone is one of the only people who could pull that off for me. Everything she wears looks effortlessly A-list. Not to mention the fact that us gingers totally suit a bit of pink :p

Suki Waterhouse in Burberry. Suki was the first look I saw from this years Met Gala (from my constant refreshing of Instagram) and she remained my absolute favourite the whole time! She looked like such a princess.

Cara Delevingne in Stella McCartney. Monochrome is one of the best trends to ever exist and I doubt it'll ever go out of style. Add to this the fact that she wore a trouser two piece and she glides her way to (almost) the top of my best dressed of the night.

Who were your best dressed this year?
Nikki xF

Thursday, September 18, 2014

My Top 5.....Foundations (for the palest of the pale)

I'm not a massive fan of spending a lot of money of foundation because I just find it a really boring product and I change my routine every couple of weeks. That being said, I find it almost impossible to find a shade that is pale enough for me on the high street. 
I won't necessarily be repurchasing some of these because whilst they are pale, they don't all work on me but I find they are the best/nearest colour matches.

Dainty Doll in Medium
I never thought I'd find a foundation where I wasn't the palest shade available but, alas, I'm actually medium in this one.
It is just enough coverage to even out my skin tone with a slightly dewy finish.

L'oreal True Match Foundation in C1 Rose Ivory
I love this foundation!
I call this 'my face but clearer' because it is like a second skin. First things last ALL day. It is a dewy finish with a medium coverage and it will cover any redness..

Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation in 100 Ivory
Whilst the bottle claims that this will last 25 hours, I can't seem to get it to last the 8 that I usually have makeup on for. I don't think it agrees with my skin type.
Also, as you can see from the picture, this 'Ivory' shade is a lot more orange toned than the others.

Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation in 103 Ivory
When I bought this foundation this was the lightest shade they had and the swatch on my hand seemed a good fit.
When I apply this as a full face it is too orange for me but I've started applying it lightly over my Dainty Doll foundation as a second layer to add dimension and to add a touch more colour and it lasts all day.
When this runs out I'll definitely be repurchasing but maybe this time in a more suitable shade so I can wear it on its own. 
101 Porcelain sounds perfect.

Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation in 010 Light Porcelain
Personally, this foundation is hit and miss for me. I find that it has yellow undertones whereas I'm more pink which isn't always the most flattering. 
The 'Wake Me Up' aspect seems to stem from the fact that this contains sparkles which make your skin more awake but I'm not a massive fan of the 'Edward Cullen' look. If I'm wearing this one i tend to use the Rimmel Stay Matte powder over the top.
Onto the positive and the reason that this is a brilliant foundation for pale people. This shade is perfect for people as pale as me, the handful of you who exist. 

Anybody have any holy grail foundations for us fair skinned folk??
Nikki x


Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Makeup Of the Day (17/9/2014)

Products Used 
  • L'Oreal True Match Foundation in C1 Rose Ivory
  • Maybelline Pure Cover Mineral Concealer 
  • Sleek Au Naturel 601 palette in Cappuccino and Moss
  • Model co More Brows in Light/Medium 
  • Sleek Contour Kit in 884 Light
  • Sleek blush in Pixie Pink 936
  • Maybelline Color Tattoo in On and on Bronze
  • Kryolan highlighter in Cashmere
  • Essence I <3 Extreme crazy volume mascara
  • Rimmel Exaggerate lip liner in 024 Red Diva
  • Maybelline Super Stay 24hour Colour in 542 Cherry Pie
Nikki x

Monday, September 15, 2014

My Top Ten TV Shows (Ever!) Part 1

I came across an old post on EssieButton where she'd done this and I thought it was a good idea. It gives more of an insight into me as a person and are amazing recommendations if you haven't seen them.

The Vampire Diaries
The Vampire Diaries is the story of two vampire brothers, obsessed with the same girl, in a small town with more than its share of supernatural beings (source)

My love of vampires started with the ultimate - Angel, and despite the fact that I think Elena totally chooses the wrong brother, I still absolutely love this show. I'm not going to lie, the hot guys totally help this one. I love anything supernatural and this has so much going on that I was bound to jump on board.

Melissa and Joey

US Sitcom about a newly elected politician and the man she employs to look after her nephew and niece when they are suddenly left in her care (source)

I have loved Melissa Joan Hart from the age of about 7 when I used to come home from primary school every day, sit cross legged in front of my grandparent's tv and watch countless episodes of Sabrina on Nickelodeon. She is still as hilarious as ever in Melissa and Joey. The character development in this show is brilliantly realistic and I do love a good will they?/won't they?

Doctor Who
The Doctor is an alien Time Lord who travels through all of time and space in his TARDIS (source)

I don't know whether it's cheating having this on the list because I'm only a fan on a few series of it but those few series were so amazing that I do class it as one of my all time favourite shows. From the first Christopher Eccleston episode until the last Matt Smith episode, I'm a fan. I've got them all on dvd, I watch them loads but I simply don't think the current doctor/companion are for me unfortunately.

Absolutely Fabulous
Public relations maven Edina and best friend Patsy drive sensible daughter Saffron up the wall with their self-absorbed, substance-abusing escapades (source)

They've got dream jobs, they are hilarious and they know how to have a seriously good time. What's not to love?

Sitcom starring Miranda Hart. It doesn't matter what Miranda attempts in life, whether it's dating or simply dealing with her overbearing mother, she always seems to fall flat, quite literally (source)

Miranda engages mouth before brain, has absolutely no spacial awareness and has been mistaken for a transvestite but she also runs a joke shop with her best friend and bagged gorgeous Gary so I'd have no problem being her.

What tv shows are you guys loving?
Nikki x


Sunday, September 14, 2014

Glossybox Breakdown - August 2014

1) Philip Kingsley Elasticizer.

Apparently, this product was 'originally created specifically for Audrey Hepburn'. It is a pre shampoo treatment that adds bounce and shine without weighing the hair down.

The product we received was 40ml which is a sample size.
The full size is 250ml and retails for £38.

I'm almost 100% sure that I received this in a subscription box a couple of years ago and I never actually tried it.
I personally haven't tried this yet as bounce isn't something I really need more of in my hair but I'll definitely try it as some point just to see if it actually does make a difference. That being said, there is nothing this product could do that would make me pay £38 for it.

There is a code to receive 1/3 off the Philip Kingsley 250ml Anniversary Elasticizer on
Just enter GLOSSY at the checkout before 15th September 2014.

2) Essence I Love Extreme Crazy Volume Mascara.
The description on the card claims 'the deep-black, creamy texture of this mascara covers each individual lash with colour while the extra-large brush offers sensational volume.

This is the full size 12ml product and retails for only £2.79.

The product is perfect for this season's clumpy lash trend. I used this in my 'everyday work makeup' look and it took forever to apply it evenly. I found my lashes were just sticking together. I've since learned to use a much lighter hand for an everyday wearable look.
The brush is pretty much the length of my eye which makes it simple to get to all of the lashes and the colour really is a deep black which I like in mascara.
I probably will repurchase this when I finish with it. I'd be interested to see whether they do different colours.

3) All That Jazz Cuticle Balm.

Claims to lock in moisture and nourishment whilst also helping to hydrate and soften nails.

This product is one size (15ml) and retails for £11.99.

If this scent was a lip balm I would be all about that. It smells divine!
I haven't tried this yet as I already have strong nails and I'm not convinced it would do much. My sister doesn't have the strongest nails so I might giver her it to test out.

Enter GLOSSYBOX at the checkout on to get 25% off all products. Expires 31st December 2014.

4) SkinPep Hydra Sun Defence SPF30 Day Cream

It contains hypo-allergenic minerals and botanical based UV blocks that won't leave a white chalky residue.

This is a full size product at 7ml and retails for £5.99.

With no sign of autumn in sight, I've actually managed to give this a try. I apply a small layer to my face, wait for it to dry and then apply my foundation. I've only used it a handful of time but so far it hasn't caused me to break out. It also has had no effect on my foundation routine, it applies just as well and lasts as long as normal.

For 50% off your next purchase at, enter 7499 at the checkout before 25th September 2014.

5) Kryolan for Glossybox

The highlighter is a versatile, lightweight cream with a gloss finish.

This is the full size product (4.5g) and retails for £12.95.

I am more of a powder highlighter kind of girl but I've tried this on the brow bone a couple of times and it works well. It isn't too obvious as it's a natural colour. It doesn't smell which is also a bonus for me. I really don't like putting anything that smells on my face (ELF for example).

I definitely wouldn't pay £12.95 for the full version when my beloved Sleek Contour Kit is half the price and you get a contour shade and a highlight shade.

6) Figs & Rouge Mini Hand Cream
Softens, nourishes and thoroughly pampers hands throughout the day.

This is a 20ml sample size. The full size product is 80ml and retails for £6.95.

I mentioned in my unboxing video that I'm more of a sanitiser kind of girl but I immediately threw this in my bag and I've been reaching for it loads. I'm not a massive fan of the immediate smell but once it settles it smells amazing.
If they sold a 20ml version of this product I would consider buying it again because it's a great size for my handbag but I definitely wouldn't carry around a 80ml version so it would be pointless.

The value of these six products is over £40, which for £10 plus p+p a month, is really good going.
If any of you are interested in trying out Glossybox you can do so here.

I hope you've enjoyed this breakdown of the products. Have any of you go this box and tried out the products? what were your thoughts?
Nikki x


Saturday, September 13, 2014

Sleek Eyeshadow Palette - The Original 594

The Original Palette was the first 'grown up' eyeshadow palette I bought. By that, I mean, that it was the first one that wasn't full of solely rainbow colours like the sort most little girls get for Christmas and Birthdays.
I'm sorry it looks a bit of a mess but I absolutely love this palette. It is my go to for a night out because of the amount of different coloured smokey eye looks you can achieve.

The palette has 12 shadows; 11 shimmery and 1 matte.
My plastic insert for this was plain so I'm not sure whether these colours are supposed to have names (the 'Au Naturel' palette does) or whether they are nameless.

These are how I'd describe the shadows by looking at them.
Top left to right: matte black, shimmery - purple, navy, royal blue, turquoise, and true green.

Bottom left to right: shimmery - lilac, pink, rust, bronze, moss green

All of the shimmery shades are really pigmented. These swatches are just one swipe down the arm. They are definitely buildable and blend really well together. I use the gold on the inner corner for most of my shimmery eye looks.
The matte black is a bit disappointing, I've definitely tried much better. The one in the Sleek 'Au Naturel' palette seems much more pigmented.

What's your go to palette for a night out?
Nikki x

Friday, September 12, 2014

Fashion Flashback Friday - British Fashion Awards 2012

The British Fashion Awards are one of my absolute favourite nights of the fashion calender because I get the majority of my fave famous' in the same room. That, plus the fashion is off the charts.

Cara Delevingne in Burberry. I'm absolutely obsessed with the colour of the dress. So much so, that when I saw the Fast Finish nail varnish by '17' in Potion, I had to have it. The colour is super similar. I love how the dress is the statement in this look whilst she's kept everything else simple. This was the moment Cara flew onto my fashion radar, a place she's firmly remained ever since.

Laura Bailey in Stella McCartney. Laura Bailey has a unique way of making fairly simple red carpet outfits seriously chic. This dress could be worn for evening drinks with friends or even just a simple summer day shopping but on Laura it looks right at home on a red carpet. I can never fault her style.

Lily Collins in Mulberry. Lily is giving perfect 'glam goth' long before we even knew who Lorde was. This look is effortless and would be potentially (dare I say) boring if it weren't for the leather detailing to the dress, the dark lip and they simple ear chain. Combined, this look was definitely a highlight of the night for me and one that I wouldn't be scared to try myself.

Who were your highlights of the British Fashion Awards 2012?
Nikki x

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Sleek Eyeshadow Palette - Au Naturel 601

As the name would suggest, this is an eyeshadow palette full of neutral shades, of varying quality, that are great for everyday. I even use it to fill in my brows some days.

This palette has 4 shimmery shades and 8 matte shades.
Top left to right: Nougat, Nubuck, Cappuccino, Honeycomb, Toast, Taupe
These shades swatched terribly -
So I tried with flash - 
Even worse! 
They are much more buildable on the eyes. I use a combination of Nubuck and Cappuccino for my brows fairly regularly.

Bottom left to right: Conker, Moss, Bark, Mineral Earth, Begal, Noir
They all look fairly similar swatched -
 I used flash again -
Conker and Moss are great colours for the crease and the matte black seems much more pigmented in this palette than it is in the Original palette.

After writing this post, I feel I might be in need of a new neutral palette. Does anybody have an affordable favourite? The Naked pallete is slightly out of my price range.
Nikki x


Tuesday, September 9, 2014

My Top 5: Fashionable Couples

I recently saw this post on the Glamour Magazine website and thought I'd get involved.
Tying to narrow this down to just five proved to take a lot longer than I imagined. Once I started compiling my list it got a tad out of control but I finally got there (I might need to do a part 2 at some point)

1) Olivia Palermo and Johannes Heubl

2) Behati Prinsloo and Adam Levine

Who are your favourite celebrity couples who look super stylish in both candid shots and at events?
Nikki x

Sunday, September 7, 2014

My Top 5: Bomber Jackets

The bomber jacket trend shows no signs of letting up so I thought I'd make a list of my top 5 that are currently available to purchase.

1) The 'Sarah Metallic Faux Leather Sleeve Bomber' from
Boohoo. I love this jacket because it isn't boring. Bomber jackets typically have quite a retro vibe about them but the metallic colours add a futuristic element.

 2) I'm a monochrome girl through and through. I'm trying to branch out and reach for more colour but more often than not I'm still going to my trusty blacks and whites. This jacket from PrettyLittleThing is the perfect everyday jacket. The classic print would also go with almost any outfit you were to wear it over. This jacket would be a steal with the amount of years it could be a wardrobe staple for.

3) Green is a big trend this season and as a redhead it's a trend I'm willing to jump on-board with. This gorgeous green bomber from Forever 21 is the perfect tone for paler skin and would be the perfect go to jacket to just throw on for a casual day.

4) I'm a massive fan of bouchle and navy so this jacket from Yumi immediately caught me eye. I really like that this jacket would look great over a dress or with a simple pair of jeans. The gold zips add something extra for me.

5) This version by H&M is perfect for British winters as it is quilted and could easily be layered. I absolutely love everything about this jacket. I love that it could easily have been in the costume department of an 80's movie. I love the two massive pockets on the front. I love the colour and I love the ribbing on the cuffs.
I'm heading to a town with a H&M in a few days and I'm not sure I have the willpower to resist heading to find myself one of these.

Are you a fan of the bomber jacket? Do you have any favourites out there at the moment?
Nikki x
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