Sunday, August 3, 2014

July favourites

I've got seven favourites for the month of July. Four are beauty related and the other three are random.

1) My first favourite of the month of July is a glimmerstick eyebrow pencil from Avon which I bought last year and have recently gone back to. Mine's in the blonde shade but I definitely think it would be too dark for people with really fair hair. The reason I think this works so well for me is because the colour is definitely not a solid shade of brown. I find there are gingery(?) tones so it doesn't contrast too much with my hair. This pencil is also really easy to blend so it isn't too obvious that the brows are drawn in.

2) My second favourite is a product I'm having a love/hate relationship with. It's the Benefit 'They're real' push up liner. Working in a department store which stocks Benefit, I've been subjected to the claims that it doesn't 'smudge, budge or dry out' over the speaker system A LOT.
I watched a handful of youtube video reviews before handing over £18.50 for an eyeliner and it seemed like this would be worth the hype. I don't know whether I just have abnormally oily eyelids but I find that this smudges and budges on me. What's left of it also comes off easily with just a face wipe at the end of the day. 
You'd be forgiven for being confused as to why it's in my favourites if you've read this far and the simple reason is the shape of the applicator. This liner has made me much more confident in wearing a cat eye and it's quickly become one of my favourite looks. 

3) My third beauty favourite is hair oil. When the hair oil craze first blew up a few years ago I was really loving the Vo5 Argan Oil but I slowly fazed that out of my routine. 
I've recently started using the 'Pantene Pro-v Repair&Protect dry Oil with Vit-E' and it's completely changed my hair routine. I find my hair dries a lot quicker (which I could not be happier about) and lasts longer between washes.

4) My fourth favourite is also for hair but it's the 'Babyliss 2286u Waving Wand'. I think I saw Fleur use a wand in a tutorial last year and decided I had to have one but it's been one of those things that I put away for a few months and then rediscover. I've recently been growing my hair out and so I'm not washing it as often as I probably should and I always find curly hair to last longer between washes than straight hair. I've tried a few wands but I love the even curls that this one gives and I also find that the curls last a lot longer that they do with other wands. 
5) My first non beauty favourite of the month is my Filofax. I've got the personal size Metropol in black and, although I don't have much of a life to organise, I use it loads. I use it to track my shifts at work, hole myself accountable for how often (or not) I'm going to the gym and, more recently, plan and schedule blog posts.

6) My next favourite is Christina Perri. I was listening to one of her songs on Spotify in the background a few weeks ago and just let it run through her entire album 'head or heart' and I can't count the amount of times I've had it on since. Her voice is absolutely beautiful and I'm definitely now a legit fan.

7) My final favourite is the coverage of Gymnastics at the Commonwealth Games. I literally left my house once over the five days they were on because of serious FOMO (fear of missing out) although I was cheating and being Team England,Scotland, Wales AND Northern Ireland (Home Nations so that's ok, right?) Gymnastics is my favourite sport in the entire world and I don't think I'd be exaggerating in saying I'm obsessed. So thanks BBC for all the coverage :) 

Nikki x
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