Sunday, August 17, 2014

Favourite Eyeliner

I think the best eyeliner I've ever tried is the Master Kajal Khôl Liner' from Maybelline. I went for the classic black which is accurately names 'pitch black' as it is super dramatic.

There are two reasons for my complete love of this product. The first is that it is super soft and literally glides across the skin.The second is that it smudges like a dream. I'm not afraid to rock the 'haven't slept in a week' look and this is the perfect product for that. Alexa Chung's tips on liner include 

"Line the inside of your eyes with black pencil then blink really hard a few times in a row. Clean away the excess liner under the eye but keep enough so it looks as though you've lived in it for a day."
If that's the look you're going for then this is the perfect eyeliner for you.

The only negative of this product, for me, is the packaging. I dropped mine not long after purchasing and it snapped in half leaving the end with the product in wedged into the lid. It took me ages to get it out.
Other than this tiny issue, this is 100% my favourite eyeliner.

What is your favourite?
Nikki x
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