Saturday, August 30, 2014

August haul

My sister is obsessed with Little Mix and a while ago I happened to be there when she had a video on and I fell in love with a top Leigh-Anne (I think) was wearing. My town isn't too big but I didn't spot it anywhere and then out of the blue a couple of weeks ago it turned up on my Topshop sale rail. The only one, in my size. Totally meant to be! It was down from £34-£18 so it was even better.

I've been intrigued by 'green' lipsticks for a while now. I don't often walk past a Barry M display without testing theirs out on the back of my hand but I'd never actually tried one til now. I got mine off eBay and I'm not going to lie, it was the packaging which got me.

I haven't bought a book in so long. I think the last physical book I actually bought was The Commitments which was the day of the 1D premiere last year, so actually 12 months ago.

I'm obsessed with the 90's. I wish we could all live there forever. I had one of the 'tattoo' chokers when I was 8(ish) and impulsively bought one this month. If I'd have known I'd want to still wear one 15 years later then I'm sure I'd have just kept the one I had.

A few weeks ago I was walking past the makeup aisle and quickly tested a liquid green eyeliner on my hand and carried on walking. Since that moment, I got it in my mind that I had to have it but spent my time searching online for the wrong brand. I finally have it though. The L'oreal super slim liquid liner in green is a gorgeous colour and not too drastic. I'm looking forward to wearing this.

I've bought four lip items. I bought two NYX soft matte lips creams in Prague and Transylvania. I've become a 'go hard or go home' girl in terms of lip colour so these two are perfect. I bought one of the Manhattan soft mat lipcreams in 56k which is a gorgeous 'English rose' pink and Kooky from the MUA Velvet lip lacquer range which is a deep purple.

I've wanted triangle earrings for a while but could never find nice ones. I still haven't managed to find nice ones but I did impulsively buy a pair.

I had my eye on a top from Wallis for ages but wanted to wait for the sale to justify spending money on it. Thankfully when the sales rolled around they had my size.

I immediately fell in love with a dress at work but the shape didn't do me any favours at all. Thankfully, they also have a top version which I just had to grab.

I bought Iron Man shampoo. I don't feel this needs explaining further than it is in the shape of Iron Man's mask. I regret nothing.

Everybody keeps harping on about how the Benefit They're Real mascara is the best thing ever so when I saw this set I decided it was worth the money. You get a full size mascara and a travel size liner which, according to the box, retails for £24.

I have SO much hair which means washing it is a real chore. I only tend to wash my hair every 5-8 days because it doesn't really need more than that. Plus, I have to take breaks when I'm blow drying it because my arm starts aching haha! Dry shampoo is my saviour for those times when I perhaps leave it a day too long but I hate how expensive it is. How is it more expensive than actual shampoo and conditioner??? It isn't often I get the same dry shampoo twice in a row because I just buy the cheapest - this month that happened to be Herbal Essences.

Nikki x
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