Sunday, July 27, 2014

July Haul

I'm not one for mass shopping sprees so it makes more sense for me to keep my hauls monthly.
Every time I go shopping my intention is to add more colour to my wardrobe and I usually end up just buying more black items. 

My first two items were from Topshop.

The dress is from the Tall range and was down from £32 to £10. I wouldn't normally buy anything as fitting as this dress but I took the unusual step of trying it on and it was surprisingly flattering. Also, since I've gotten it home, I've realised it's actually two sizes small than I actually am and was on the wrong hanger :)

In sizing contrast, I got the jacket in a size too big because it was the only one left in store and looked really nice with the dress. I love the waterfall effect of the front and the fact that it doesn't fasten because I think it looks really flattering on slightly larger shapes. The jacket was £45 down to £15.

My next three items are from New Look. 

The first shirt is definitely a brave purchase on my part. I'd had my eye on it for a while and had seen a colleague at work with it on and thought it looked great but it's more colour than I normally feel comfortable wearing. This was down from £17.99 to £7.

The second shirt is a 'boxy' shirt and so it sits just above my belt of my trousers. I love the pattern and the whole vibe of the shirt screams '90s' to me, which I adore. This was also originally £17.99 and was in the sale for £8.

My third New Look purchase was this earrings/necklace set. I remember looking at it at Christmas and thinking it was strange that there was a dog on the packaging. The necklace seriously describes me as I'm not a massive fan of Christmas but I was always putting off buying it as I would ever wear the earrings. For £2 I no longer had an excuse because it's practically a steal and I can just give the earrings to my sister.

I find it hard to resist shopping in Debenhams when I see new sale items coming through the tills.

My first two Debenhams purchases are from the 'Julien Macdonald' line they stock.
The bag is called the 'Flapover Lock Music Bag'. I work on womenswear so I don't always get over to accessories but when a lady bought this at my till I knew I had to take a trip over and hope there was another one there. This was down from £55 to £16.50. The only problem with this is that it is a really stiff leather meaning it doesn't fit as much in as I'm used to carrying around. I'm hoping that with wear and tear that it will soften a little and I'll be able to squeeze some more things in.

The top is an animal print cami with chain straps which a lady tried on when I was working on the fitting room. She decided she didn't want it and her loss was my gain because when I saw it was 70% off in the sale, I had to have it! £38 to £11.40 is hard to say no to.

As with most stores we have adverts on rotation between the songs advertising current offers and new exciting products. After about a fortnight of hearing about the new 'Benefit They're Real' liner, I made an impulse buy. Those adverts are really persuasive! I'd never bought anything from Benefit before and still haven't fully decided whether it was worth £18.50 but I'm trying it out and will write a review when I've made my mind up.

I find it much easier shopping for other people so this has been a good shopping month for me :)

Nikki x
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